mHotspot download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Sometimes we have to make some new wireless connection for the buddies or some other devices, but what can be done if you do not have a router? It is simple, and you can utilize mHotspot, a tool that can really transform the laptop into an absolute wifi router by making a protected wifi hotspot. You’ll be capable of sharing a single network connection for many devices thanks to the mHotspot program, which is extremely simple to utilize, and it’s working properly. Internet connections can be of numerous kinds, such as Data-Card, LAN, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, or Ethernet. It is a simple program, but with the configurations made splendidly, you can have up to ten connections at the same time. The speed limit will stay the same, and the bandwidth is shared for each device.

You’ll be capable of making the channel with whatever name you require. The restrictions for that option do not exist, put whatever name you want. The same thing is with its password, select what password you like and make a strong one because you have to stay secure. Apple devices, Android smartphones, and tablets can really set up a connection with the virtual wifi router. There’re no problems that can affect any equipment. The mHotspot tool is an ideal and simple app which is coming with an easy-to-use interface, with vibrant and beautiful colors. After installation, which is made in just a few seconds, you can access the interface where you have everything you require.Download Magic Iso


mHotspot Features :

Check out the following features of mHotspot download:

  • You can set the hotspot name without any limitations
  • Connect up to ten devices
  • Share any kind of Internet Connection (Ethernet, LAN, Wifi, or3G/4G, etc.)
  • App size is about 400 KB
  • Check the details of your connected device (IP Address, Name, and Mac Address)
  • PDAs, iPads, Android phones, tablets, and other devices can be accessed
  • Secures the wireless hotspot using WPA2 PSK security password
  • Check the network usage (Transfer Rates, Download and Upload Speed)
  • Extends the wifi range
  • Set the maximum number of devices that you can really connect
  • Works with Windows 7/8/10
  • In-application internet selection


If you are out and about and have the laptop equipped with mobile broadband, then the mHotspot download is a must-have. It easily and quickly makes a mobile hotspot that you can really share with all of the internet-capable devices. It can be extremely significant to the ones who have to give access to friends utilizing other devices. The only problem that might be faced with it is that it utilizes bandwidth from the existing mobile data.Download LG Bridge

While it can also be excellent for such times when you have to access your company network from the personal system while at work, it does need the existing network connection for the system to work, the mHotspot interface is simple to utilize and simple, and its free price tag really makes the tool a must-have for nearly everybody.

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