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An industrialist or an individual who frequently makes use of a scanner would pretty much comprehend what it denotes to have simplified controls on a scanner for enabling the smooth working, a few functions can’t just be located on the fixed button of the scanner, but with the assistance of a tool like MF Toolbox, you can get the scanner running more features. This program offers you a great number of controls that can assist you in making use of the scanner for unlocking all of the features you never knew were there.

Features Of The MF Toolbox:

  • Built-in the mail function for converting the scanned docs into the PDF and send
  • Scans docs from the connected devices
  • OCR program can read and convert the scanned doc text
  • The small panel offers access to all the functions
  • Save the scanned docs as the PDF files

Simplify The Scanning Operations:

Since the name of the MF Toolbox isn’t completely suggestive, let’s fill the image for you. This tool can assist the users with consolidating the bridge between hardware and software components (namely, the Canon scanner) by providing you access to a few of its controls. After deploying and opening the application, you will notice that the main screen comes with eight buttons that have intuitive descriptions so that the users can jump straight into the action without glancing around for more thorough instructions.

MF Toolbox

Installation & Usage:

The MF Toolbox is a lightweight tool that doesn’t offer the scanning features by itself, but instead, it actually serves as the intermediary between a user and the Canon driver and scanner manager app. Because it’s basically the add-on utility, it comes in the installation package that’s less than ten MB, allowing the users to install it on the house or work computer rapidly. After installation, where you just have to follow some on-screen directions, you’ll be all set to launch the utility for the first time. Upon starting it, you’ll be welcomed to a really minimalistic, but intuitive user interface that has just a single row of large icons and the Settings button.

Such icons are the shortcuts to the most common scanner features, attach the scanned doc to the email, do the OCR text scan, save your scanned doc to the preferred folder, save your scanned doc as the PDF, and lastly, four icons for the custom-made scan process that you’ve set up. Settings window has basic configuration choices for the scanner functions (scan mode, paper size, and the image quality preset), file management choices (output format, default file name, and the default save location) and the selector for the default mail tool.

The Bottom Line:

All things considered, if you have a Canon scanner in your house or office, you may desire to tap into its full potential by turning to the dedicated program solutions like MF Toolbox download. This application will surely help you achieve everything you want.

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