MegaDownloader Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 & 64 bit)

The MegaDownloader is an excellent program that really works as an attachment to the file hosting website. It allows you to append any number of files that you want downloading to it. You can append the files one at a time utilizing the individual links, or you can append several files all at once utilizing a text file or the multiple links. It’ll allow you to choose where you desire to save your files that it is downloading.

You can select the different folders for the individual files, or you can save them in one place! There is no limit to the files’ number that you can append to MegaDownloader or the number of several folders that you can have the software downloaded too! It is great to be capable of organizing all of your files that you are interested in downloading like this, as there is simply so much variety!.Uc browser is also a good option for downloading files

Features Of MegaDownloader :

The following are some of the features of MegaDownloader:

  • Support For Some Parallel Downloads: Take complete control over organizing your download of a huge amount of files.
  • The Automated Download Of A Huge Number Of Files: Ideal for both occasional users who desire stress-free downloads and cloud storage fanatics who desire to depend on mega for collaborative file sharing and file backups.
  • Download All Sizes Of Files: From numerous kilobytes to numerous gigabytes, it can do that all. Understand that downloading several large files can put pressure on your older computer configurations.
  • Support For The Segmented Download For Every File: Increase the downloading speed by simply downloading numerous segments of every file simultaneously.
  • Integrated Support For The Video Streaming: Integration with the VLC player can allow you to playback video files directly that are being streamed from the mega site.
  • No Need To Go To The Mega Site: Validate the account in MegaDownloader and simply download different files without the requirement of ever visiting
  • Fast Download Speed: Unleash the complete potential of the internet connection.
  • Accessible for any newest version of the Windows operating system, on the desktop computer, tablets, and laptops.


MegaDownloader Download & Installation :

The MegaDownloader app is very lightweight that you can really install on the computer in mere seconds. The UI of this application is minimalistic, featuring user-friendly tools for organizing the mega files downloads, all without any advertisements or even requirement of visiting site. Just copy the file link (URL and the integrated download key), and the application will recognize it immediately in the clipboard, and append it to the download queue. Such listing takes the majority of the application screen, with tabs for the files’ full size, name, and presently downloaded size, download status, estimated time of ending the download, download speed indicator, and visual progress bar.Bluestacks App Player can be used for using android apps on computer

The only buttons on your screen are big, vivid red controls for pausing, starting, and stopping of the download, with one additional button for manually adding new links. The Options screen of MegaDownloader permits users to take complete control over the way the application is behaving, which comprises validating user credentials with the mega server, connection management, download path customizing, pre-shared keys management, file streaming setting up, ECL accounts and a lot more.

How To Use It?

Using this app is really easy, and little knowledge is adequate for figuring it out, but there is a need to clarify how it’s done correctly because of the encryption provided by

  • Once you are done with the MegaDownloader download from the link given, simply install it on the computer like any other program.
  • Then simply copy the preferred download link and open the already installed downloader. It detects the clipboard copied link automatically and prompts the user to begin the download.
  • Go on with that, and you are done — full speed downloads without any limit.

For the links separated from the download, the key isn’t detected by this tool and cannot be utilized for downloading in the program. So make certain the link is a combo of both the URL and the key.

Why Use This Tool?

For anybody who utilizes, it is an excellent free method of downloading different files rapidly. MegaDownloader permits users to download various files at the same time; it is completely safe and secure and is easy to use. The files size doesn’t really matter that much since it is also developed for handling large data.


MegaDownloader or is one of the well-liked file sharing websites because of the features it provides. A fifty-gigabyte cloud storage limit is extremely attractive, and very few sites offer such limit on free accounts. That is why a lot of people prefer to utilize it and direct to the development of such a download manager for easing the procedure and even advance the use with some additional tweaks.

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