Lenovo Smart Assistant Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Lenovo is a well-liked IT manufacturer very famous for laptops, but also for mobile devices. The Lenovo smart assistant will permit making diverse operation from the PC for managing the Lenovo device connected using a USB cable. You can also easily update the firmware; see IMEI and information and a lot more. Keeping up with the new upgrade launches of the smartphones every other day can be not just frantic but impossible and cannot leave the users feeling aggravated for not being with that.

However, it also offers the ideal solution by assisting you in upgrading the firmware without having to change the Android tablet or phone. The installation of this program just need an Android supported device and the USB cable for communicating with the phone. The program comes with an efficient and cool user interface that shows pertinent details such as the accessibility of the new ROM to be installed, storage space accessible, the IMEI number for tracking your phone in case of loss, and also its battery power level.

Features Of The Lenovo Smart Assistant:

A few of the Lenovo smart assistant features are:

  • Device Rescue:

Your phone isn’t working? Or the program has corrupted because of some reason? This smart assistant allows the users to download and install the newest stock firmware for the phone relying on the model and region of the phone. In a way, it really rescues the device with a stock official program and gets the phone back in a proper working condition.

Lenovo Smart Assistant

  • Updating ROM:

The latest program updates can be installed on the Lenovo device if it has gotten a new OTA (Over The Air) update. You can also install such updates directly from the device, but if you desire to get it done through the computer, then this is the application you ought to make use of.

  • Windows Support:

It also has a complete Windows computer support. You can simply install the application on Win XP, 7, 8, and 10.

  • Lenovo Device Tips:

This section comprises instructions from the Lenovo officials on different topics. Such topics are explained with thorough how-to guides to help users out when they’re stuck somewhere.


Installing the tool is very simple. However, before utilizing the Lenovo smart assistant, make certain to follow the requirements we’ve mentioned below.


  • Before flashing the firmware utilizing this app, charge the device’s battery sufficiently
  • Install Motorola | Lenovo USB drivers relying upon the device you desire to flash your firmware.
  • A commuter running Windows operating system
  • USB debugging has to be enabled on the device
  • We suggest the users to take the backup of the device data before proceeding to install any new firmware

Utilizing The Smart Assistant:

  • First of all, download this app.
  • Then, simply double-click on it and install it.
  • Make certain to connect the device with your computer.
  • Navigate to the Flash section.
  • Make certain you have the right firmware for the device.
  • Simply make use of the application for flashing the firmware.

That’s all, folks. It was the Lenovo smart assistant download, a handy program for upgrading the Motorola or Lenovo smartphone, and installing new firmware. We hope this post was useful to you.

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