Kingston Format Utility Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

For making space on your USB would remove all data. When you format your USB, you’ve it as new so that you can get some bootable program. Once you’ve installed this Kingston format utility, your device will be capable of being recognized by any system that is compatible, and it’ll be capable of enjoying the advantages of the new features. If you make use of other OSs that haven’t been suggested it may reason the installation to crash, which can reason the device to be rendered as unusable. You do not need to face any problem when it comes to installing the tool; it’ll be as simple as possible. This program is created for formatting Kingston flash drives’ DTHX30/XX models. The first step is always to insert your USB in the particular port on your PC, then start the tool.

Why Require The Kingston Format Utility?

If the Kingston DataTraveler isn’t recognized or you get errors when attempting to access your stored data, for instance, the Kingston USB write-protected. You ought to attempt to format it using the Kingston format utility before buying a new USB. Another cause for formatting your Kingston USB is to select the file system which is well suited for the drive and preferred usages. In Windows, the three most commonly utilized file systems are FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT.

How Can You Install & Use This Utility?


  • All of your data on the Kingston USB will be removed after formatting. If there’s any important data saved on it, please make the backup before continuing these steps.
  • The Kingston format utility can just work with the Kingston DataTraveler DTHX30 series HyperX 3.0 USB drive. It can just support the PC running Win 7 (Service Pack 1), Vista (Service Pack 1, Service Pack 2) and Win XP (Service Pack 2, Service Pack 3).

Kingston Format Utility

Steps To Install The Tool:

  • Plug the USB drive into the PC and make certain it can be detected by your Windows system.
  • Download the installation > double-click on the executable file of the Kingston format utility for running the setup. In the opened window, click on Browse for specifying the location for installing the utility. Finally, click on Unzip for extracting the file.
  • As soon as this utility was started, the Kingston USB will be listed automatically under Device. Under the File system, there’s no other file system accessible to select except FAT32. In simple words, this program only can support to format USB to FAT32. Then, click on Format for continuing.
  • When the formatting process is done, click on OK > click Exit. It’ll change the USB’s name from what it was before the entire process to Kingston.


Taking everything into consideration, the Kingston format utility download provides a simple solution to format the HyperX series storage devices for ensuring both a broad compatibility range, as well as great overall performance. Contemplating just how evolved the newest Windows versions are in terms of USB drivers, this program may be more relevant to and like by people with PCs running old Windows versions.

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