IVONA Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The IVONA reader can convert the text from docs (Word, web pages, etc.) to speech in English and some other languages. You’ve reached the point where you simply don’t desire to read, and listening is the final option you are left with. It’s a tool that has the capability of changing your personal texts into the voice option. It’s a program that can deal with all manner of voice recognition. It’s actually the opposite of the transcription app, the features of this tool comprise the loud reading of your texts, and it also has the capability of changing your text into MP3 files. It’s a utility that can easily integrate with all of your web browsers. Simultaneously, it has the capability of reading from any of your web pages. That denotes that it can handle both the offline and the online version of the tool.

If you desire a news feeder, then it is an excellent option. It also has a reminder and powerful organizer option. After all this within the UI, you’ll still have the option to get the proofreading within the tool. It also has a function that can also capture your film voice talent. It can easily support all types of standard voice; hence you’ll not have to face any challenge of your different dialects. It’s a simple utility that can be utilized by all with the least amount of effort.

Main Functions Of The IVONA Reader App:

The IVONA app provides the following features:

  • Convert text into the MP3 files
  • Aloud reading of your text from any text file and any app.
  • Web pages reader
  • Simple integration with most well-liked apps (iTunes, Skype, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Mozilla Firefox)
  • RSS news feeds reader
  • Emails reader
  • Proofreading assistant
  • Reminder and organizer
  • Supporting of all the SAPI5 standard voices
  • A proficient film voice talent
  • Simple installation



The IVONA application has a simple UI that ought to be simple to figure out by all types of users. The app was created for reading numerous kinds of docs, comprising emails, web pages, word files, books, and RSS news feeds. These files can be read back to the user in numerous voices, relying on the ones you’ve downloaded on your PC. The utility has the multi-lingual support, which denotes it can easily read your docs in several languages, namely English (US and UK), Spanish US, Spanish, French, German, Romanian, and Polish.

For all of such, there’re several options to pick from in regards to different voices, both female and male. The quality of the sound is also quite high, with 22 kHz frequency. Your files can also be converted easily to the MP3 format, which you can then upload to different portable devices you desire or sent through the email. The app also has numerous integration options, namely for iTunes, Skype, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Thunderbird, and Mozilla Firefox.

The Bottom Line:

In general, the IVONA download is a nice app that is certain to come in really handy on many occasions. Less knowledgeable people ought to find it simple to handle, thanks to its intuitive layout and the overall simplicity.

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