Intel XDK Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The Intel XDK is a powerful programming app for making web apps utilizing the HTML 5 language. It also has the distributing function permitting the users to get them all around the most well-liked application stores. This program permits users to make use of CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript to make mobile application solutions. Then they’re exported into for collection into the native applications utilizing programs such as Adobe PhoneGap and Cordova. The tool was written by Intel, and the final stable launch of the tool was in 2017 about four years after its initial release in 2013. The program runs correctly on all the Windows operating system releases and has free license providing you the power to be capable of writing software apps for mobile development.

Key Features Of Intel XDK:

  • All the abilities you acquaint to develop the mobile HTML5 apps
  • One solution for the IoT apps and mobile application development
  • Created on Web technologies JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Node-Webkit back-end
  • Added software development abilities for IoT
  • Hosted on OS X, Windows, and Linux Ubuntu

Solves Quite A Lot Of Issues:

The platform tries to fix quite a few major problems of individual developers and enterprises. All kinds of web creators who are familiar with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS can create applications. There’s no need to acquire special skills or learn new languages. The development charges go down as enterprises and freelance employees just need to employ developers with some single skill set. The speed of development, conversely, goes up. The Intel XDK app blends test, debugging, and tool building into the integrated solution, which boosts the productivity of developers. There’s no time wasted switching between diverse programs.

Intel XDK


  • Enterprise-Level Debugging Programs:

It comprises a few extremely powerful debugging programs that allow you to test and simulate the application running on diverse devices and OSs, enabling you to create and deliver the best apps possible.

  • Accelerate The Production Times While Lowering Charges:

The Intel XDK utility offers you everything you require for making engaging and beautiful tools that simply plug into the 3rd-party social media APIs, advertising frameworks, and others.

  • Create & Ship HTML5 Applications In Just Weeks, Not Months! 

Even if you are working with the small squad, all the programs provided in this development kit can assist you to do more in just a fraction of time.


  • You Have To Acquaint CSS, HTML5 & JavaScript:

Programs are never an alternative for knowledge; if you desire to make use of these SDKs, you are gonna have to have a firm grasp on how the HTML 5 really works and what you can really accomplish with it (particularly if you desire to make use of Node.JS).

  • Poor Documentation Support:

A lot of creator communities across the web have griped about the lack of appropriate documentation for this app and with excellent reason! You will have to have a little comprehension of how SDKs really work to make the most of such a package.

  • Brackets Editor:

It’s more a matter of taste; you can always edit the code in the external editor such as Notepad++ instead.

The Bottom Line:

The Intel XDK download is surely one that permits the programmers the capability of being capable of staying in the languages that are easy to them and deploy on the most well-liked platforms is surely a huge help.

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