IBackupBot Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The backup for iTunes is in the iBackupBot tool. You can’t be too cautious as even the backup has a backup. This tool is for your iTunes as you can make use of it for backing up the files and phone in general. This application is helpful when having a new iPad or iPhone as you can simply transmit all of the previous settings into it like contact favorites, text messages, call history, notes, widgets, Voicemail, photos, and a lot more. You get to control how much you desire to backup as well as adjust iTunes backed up files.

You can utilize the desktop system keyboard and full screen on your monitor for managing the files. The iBackupBot tool also permits you to change the hidden settings on the iPhone, transmit data directly to PC, have numerous backups for the device, remove email addresses, eradicate a call record history, and export to a folder and more. There’s no jailbreak needed for utilizing this utility.Get Celtx if you are a writer then it will be the best gift for you

Key Features Of The iBackupBot :

The following are some amazing features of the iBackupBot download:

  • Browsing: 

The tool provides the option of browsing through your different backup files. A few files may have been critical while a person did the backup procedure on different devices, but with that browsing, locating what one requires is simpler.

  • Export: 

This utility also allows the data sharing with others thanks to this fantastic feature. Whether it’s SMS messages, contacts, or notes, a person has simply to click on Export, and it’s done. It can export Excel and text files.


  • Removing: 

The iBackupBot app also allows a person to eradicate certain data from different devices. The user can, for example, eliminate a single call record history or the current email address if the user has to do so.

How Does This Tool Really Work ?

It is a tool that assists you in browsing, viewing, exporting, and even editing the backed up files to iTunes. When you connect the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the PC and choose Back Up, certain files and settings from such devices are automatically backed up to the system. You can restore all the info if and when you have to.This software is for windows only so if you do not have any version of windows then use Windows ISO Downloader to download any version

The iBackupBot app is particularly handy when you buy a new iPhone (or iPod touch or iPad) and desire to transmit the previous settings to it. The backed-up data comprises notes, text messages, contact favorites, call history, widget settings, voicemail, and more! This tool even saves and transmits photos from the camera roll of the iPhone or the iPod touch and iPad.

Why This Utility ?

This app allows you to control how you manage and backup the data of iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If you utilize a Mac or Windows system, you’ll be capable of utilizing the full-sized screen and keyboard for selectively managing the files of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It also provides you with the power to modify the backed-up data of iTunes. You will be capable of doing so much more than you’re capable of doing before, and there is no jailbreak needed! The iPod touch and iPhone have incorporated backup features that allow you to do basic backups from the handheld devices to the PC. Such functions limit what you can really accomplish. We believe you deserve to be capable of doing more.

The iBackupBot tool is a part of the iPhone tools category. It is also licensed as shareware for Windows x32 and x64 platform and can be utilized as the free trial until the trial ends. The demo is accessible to all the software users freely with potential limits compared with the complete version.

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