HP SimplePass Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

HP SimplePass is a special program that assists the users to keep their PC data secure all the time. Instead of giving a password for accessing their PC, which can be simply hacked, people have the option to log in by utilizing their fingerprint, and the HP SimplePass tool promises to be extremely simple and quick to set up and utilize. However, as the name suggests, just the HP users and the ones who are running Windows will be capable of taking benefit of the improved security that’s provided by this app.

Features :

  • Sign In To The Windows: Check this feature to utilize the HP SimplePass app throughout Windows login.
  • Sign Into The Sites: Check this feature to utilize this tool for remembering sites and filling in the credentials automatically.
  • Automatically Remember All The Sites: Check it for allowing the HP SimplePass to save the sites automatically instead of prompting you.
  • Pin The App To Your Taskbar: Check it for pinning the tool Control Center to the Windows taskbar for simple access.
  • Start-Up My LaunchSite: Check it for enabling the My LaunchSite opening with your finger swipe. This option is just accessible when a fingerprint is set as the SimplePass.

HP SimplePass

HP SimplePass Makes You Log-In Utilizing The Fingerprint:

Although it’s utilized more frequently on company systems, this mechanism became less pricey and is also accessible for house users. If you’ve bought a device that has a fingerprint recognition mechanism, its use can be extended beyond validating yourself when signing on. HP SimplePass is capable of utilizing the fingerprint to securely store passwords and make use of them to sign in on different sites. You just have to save the password and the username in the app for utilizing the fingerprint verification.Do HP Connection Manager Download

Blends In With The Chosen Browser:

During the installation, HP SimplePass appends browser plug-ins on well-liked web browsers like Firefox or Chrome, which allows you to simply open a site by swiping the finger on the reader. Unluckily, this operation can force the browser to shut without warning. Make certain that you’ve backed up the information before running an installer or removing the tool from the PC.

Providing Max Security For The Credentials:

The fingerprint readers’ integration in mobile devices like smartphones and laptops is created to boost data security and stop others from accessing the different restricted resources. The main benefit of the fingerprint is that it can’t be guessed, imitated, or broken by other individuals. Although the spy film fans can argue that it’s not impossible to smash, the fingerprint is certain to be more secure than the regular password.Download HP Universal Print Driver


All things considered, if you desire to save the time needed to enter the username and password, the HP SimplePass download is the right app for the job. It doesn’t take a lot to get familiar with the features, and once you do that, accessibility is greatly improved, as well as the credentials kept safe and secure.

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