HP Envy 5530 Driver Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

HP is a brand famous for a 3-in-1 printer that can scan, print, and even make the copy. The performance of this software is highly reliant on the driver that’s installed on your system. It’s mainly running your HP device’s performance. It’s one software which makes use of either the DVD and CD drive or setup file for installing it on the system. It’s an all in one program with easy installation procedure with access to several bundles to support your whole system. Although it can also support the USB drive, which is perfect for its portable version of this app, once the users insert a disc, all other features stop, and the setup file can now run, which comes in really handy for the installation of the tool. At the later stage, that’s when you may be asked to connect your USB cable.

Please do that for avoiding the app from skipping the function, which may reason challenges, particularly when you simply desire to plug and make use of your printer without the installation process. Each driver has diverse directions, so read in between the lines and make sure you’ve utilized the correct driver. HP Envy 5530 driver is a simple app that requires no knowledge to handle. This software features printing, scanning, copying, setting up, customization, maintenance, verifying ink cartridges levels, and the languages that this software supports are many (International).

How Can You Install The HP Envy 5530 Driver Using A Setup File?

How if you do not have a DVD or CD driver? You do not have to be anxious about that because you’re still capable of installing and making use of your HP ENVY 5530 printer. Simply follow these steps and make use of the printer right away.

Step#1: First of all, you will need to go for the HP envy 5530 driver download. You might click the recommended link given here for downloading this setup file.

Step#2: When your setup file is ready, you can go on to run this. Running this setup file denotes that you’re opening its installation wizard. There’ll be directions to follow there. Simply follow that step by step until the end.

Step#3: Connect your USB cable between your PC or computer and HP ENVY 5530 printer. Do not so it until you see the direction to do this.

HP Envy 5530 Driver

Step#4: Now, simply wait for a few secs to check the connection of your printer to your PC. There’ll be more directions to follow. Simply do the directions until the end.

Step#5: Simply make certain that you input all of your values into its wizard and finish the installment procedure.

Step#6: Test your printer, whether it’s working or not. If it’s not functioning correctly, you can reinstall by following these steps. Just make certain that you’re following all the steps correctly.


  • Windows 10 OSs are now supported by this tool.
  • The installation wizard will make the downloading procedure more efficient.


  • Just the x64 architecture can be utilized with this printer driver.
  • It doesn’t support systems earlier than Windows 8.1.

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