HP 3D DriveGuard Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

If you purchase a brand, then you’ve access to an added program like HP 3D DriveGuard for protecting the notebook against shocks. For portable devices, such shocks can be very dangerous, so HP provides a program that’ll prevent such damages for the hard drive. Have you heard about the experiences where you’ve had a crush on the PC, but the technician tells you that you can recover the data from your hard disk drive? If yes, then you have to be fortunate since it’s a small percentage that experiences this. That’s the cause why you now require a utility like this for automating the procedure. You’re capable of managing all the functions by simply having this app in the system.

Features Of The HP 3D DriveGuard:

  • Keeps your hard drive head parked without parking by sending incessant park commands accidentally
  • Parks the head forever so your notebook can be transported securely when not in the standby mode
  • Lessens or eliminates the possibility of wear and tear by evading and eliminating the limited figure of times the head can be parked
  • While you’re moving without sending incessant park commands
  • Makes use of a 3-axis digital accelerometer for detecting any kind of unexpected motion and parks your hard drive for evading the loss of data

Protect Your Hard Drive From Serious Damage:

The HP 3D DriveGuard download receives notifications from the incorporated accelerometer and protects your HDD by parking the heads to decrease the risk of damage automatically if your device is dropped accidentally or is suddenly impacted by some other object. Once you’ve downloaded the tool, run its setup file. This app will install itself but not be shown. Also, it’ll not do anything evident for SSD and desktop users. As recognized, Solid State Drives or SSDs have no moving elements and so don’t need any extra protection from the external shocks. You can locate its setting under the Windows Mobility Center. From there, you can decide to enable/disable this program or decide to hide the same under your System Tray.

HP 3D DriveGuard

The user interface permits you to access diverse options and settings. For example, you can see the connected HDDs with the status. All things considered, it’s a good program that assists the users to monitor the health regularly of the device and take apt action when needed. If you already have installed this app on your desktop or PC with the SSD drive, if you want, you can uninstall it using the Control Panel.

How Can You Uninstall This App Completely?

When a new tool is installed on a system, it is added to the Programs and Features list. When you desire to uninstall the utility, you can navigate to the Programs & Features for uninstalling it. So when you desire to uninstall this app, you can use Programs and Features for doing so.

Step#1: Open the Programs & Features window.

  • Win 7 And Win Vista:Click on Start > enter uninstall a program in the Search bar > click on the first matched result.
  • Win 8, Win 8.1, And Win 10:Open WinX menu by simply holding the Win and X buttons together > click on the Programs and Features.

Step#2: Now, search for the HP 3D DriveGuard tool in the list > click on it > click Uninstall fir initiating the uninstallation.

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