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The Windows OS has an extremely significant file known as the Host File. This file is hidden in the directory of Windows. The file can really act more like the internal DNS with the manual entries that are actually used to find PCs on the internet or in an internal network. Preferably, when a PC has to resolve a name, it searches through a host file first before glancing at the external DNS servers for resolving the name to the correct IP address. The host file’s default path is C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, but it can actually take a lot of time to locate it. You can make use of the HostsMan program for quick access to the file. However, you might have the need to edit a host file, which is almost not possible for the average user. With this tool, the procedure of managing the entries in a host file is quite simple.

HostsMan Features:

The app provides the following features:

  • Disable or enable the usage of the hosts file
  • Auto-update and online update of the hosts file
  • Merge two hosts files
  • Open Hosts file with a simple click.
  • Scan hosts for issues, possible hijacks, and duplicates
  • Built-in hosts editor
  • Simply install the recently downloaded hosts file.
  • Locate how many host names
  • Resolve the host names
  • Make the encrypted backups of the hosts file.
  • Keep a log of the latest blocked websites.
  • Exclusion list

Simple Deployment & Usage:

Getting through the setup procedure needs little effort on the users’ behalf, some mouse clicks can assure the complete deployment on the system. The UI of HostsMan isn’t something unusual, with the most features saved on the upper toolbar. Since your hosts file is better left unaffected, the integrated button allows the users to give the Admin privileges to the tool so you can completely edit the content.


The Integrated Hosts File Editor:

Furthermore, you can see the content of a file either in the text editor or the app’s dedicated this feature. Selecting the latter opens a new window, allowing you to block the web pages you contemplate simply are a threat or with unsuitable content.

See & Handle The Update Sources:

Moreover, you get access to the list of update sources that can easily be populated with the entries for the improved accessibility. Updates can be carried out automatically, with the status indicator for the previous check and successful update.

Generate Backups For More Safety:

For better safety, the HostsMan tool also comes with the backup manager, which is suggested to utilize before any changes are made. It can bring up a diverse window, with the intuitive controls and the preview part for identifying the right file.

Multiple Maintenance Functions:

The incorporated tools provide you the possibility to check for the problems in an effort to have them resolved, as well as locate the duplicates for the slight boost in the performance. You can also manage the exclusion list, and even have the IP address replaced with the custom entry.


Taking all into account, we can safely say that the HostsMan download is just the right app in case you have to handle the hosts file. Albeit it’s a complicated and risky procedure, the program allows you to stay on the safer side with creating backups, while the intuitive UI provides thorough the editing options.

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