HD Tune Pro Download Free For Pc Windows 7, 8, 10

The HD tune pro is a benchmark, monitoring hard disk SSD and utility with a lot of functions. It can be utilized for measuring the performance of the drive, scan for issues, check the health status, and erase all the data securely and a lot more. It is an extended HD Tune version that comprises a lot of new features like secure erasing, write benchmark, folder usage view, AAM setting, command line parameters, disk monitor, and file benchmark.

Hardware Requirements: Hard disk (external or internal), USB stick, SSD, and memory card reader. Because of the hardware limitations, a few drives might not support all the functions. After installation, you can really use the tool for fifteen days if you desire to utilize the utility after this time, you need to buy the serial number.Download Logitech Webcam

HD Tune Pro Features:

The following are the features of HD tune pro download:

  • Benchmark file: assess the file performance (write/read)
  • Benchmark: the lower level performance measurement (write/read)
  • Additional Tests: check your hard disk write and read performance parameters
  • Random access: measures your random access performance (write/read) of your hard drive
  • Information: show the detailed info
  • Check Cache
  • Error scanning: scans the error points of your hard drive
  • Check your hard drive’s health status
  • Monitor the disk access
  • Securely delete all the data from your disk
  • Display temp
  • Folder view: displays the disk space utilized for every folder
  • Check the status of all your connected drives in a straightforward overview
  • It can also work with other storage devices like USB sticks, memory cards, and iPods, etc.
  • SMART Self-test and more

HD Tune Pro

Benchmark your HDD or SSD to ensure it is not underperforming

The HD tune pro can run several kinds of tests for assessing the device’s performance. It allows the users to measure the transfer rate, access burst rate, and time, as well as the CPU usage while transmitting the data. It’s also possible to do the file benchmark utilizing a file with the customizable length, as well as the random access test that can really simulate the normal usage conditions by transmitting files of different sizes. Wipe the deleted files, assess the disk usage, and decrease the hard drive noise.Get Rufus

If you’re running low on the space on your disk, you can really switch to Folder Usage and run the scan for finding and cleaning mainly large directories. The privacy-minded people can profit from this tool for overwriting the free space on the drives, thus preventing any removed files from being recovered. The Automatic Acoustic Management feature can assist you in decreasing the noise made by your hard drives while searching, which can be a problem for those who have otherwise silent computers.

The Bottom Line:

Overall, the HD tune pro is a feature-packed SDD and HDD management utility that allows you to benchmark the devices, monitor the health, and manage the disk usage and a lot more. It’s extremely simple to utilize, featuring an intuitive user interface, and it also has extensive documentation.

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