Gramblr Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Instagram is a well-liked social media network where the major content consists of pictures. It’s now Facebook’s property. Gramblr is a program that comes in really handy, particularly when you have to transfer your personal photo to Instagram profiles rapidly. Most significantly, before uploading the snapshots, make sure that they’re square in shape and that the format of them is either JPEG or JPG, or else the uploading procedure will be unsuccessful.

If you have a huge number of photos or you manage several Instagram accounts for diverse web properties, this tool can be helpful in automating the activity. After you state the caption of your selected picture, the program spontaneously produces a few links that allow the users to see the photo uploaded through the web browser or else embed a script right into the individual site. Furthermore, it permits users to share images with other online platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Features Of The Gramblr App:

  • Functionality for detecting a drag & drop action of the photograph file
  • It comes with a built-in crop program for videos and photographs once uploaded
  • A built-in editor permits you to adjust the focus, orientation, lighting, color, red eyes, sharpness, remove blemishes and whiten teeth
  • Links directly to the Instagram account utilizing the sign-in credentials and saves them for the later usage
  • Allows you to append the caption and hashtag just the same as the mobile app does
  • A built-in editor permits you to append preset frames, effect filters, splash effects, stickers, text, and drawings
  • Comes with a coin earning mechanism that once activated permits you to gather points from liking different other uploaded photographs
  • Comes with a built-in upload scheduler where you can choose to upload at some later time rather than right away by the time and date down to the minute
  • Coins can be utilized for getting free likes on videos and photos


How Does It Really Work?

Once you have the photo uploader of Gramblr, you simply:

  • Log into your Instagram account
  • Select the photograph you’d want to upload
  • Append a caption
  • Click on upload
  • If the text boxes are vacant on its confirmation window, something has gone wrong; try again later, and it ought to work!


This tool is accessible for Mac and Windows. Logging up for the account is an easy task. Simply upload videos or photos to your Instagram account. Schedule uploads for taking place at some particular time. You can also easily crop and can apply many effects to a picture before uploading. Spend some coins for having some likes for the Instagram posts. This app is totally free.


A few users may be put off by the fact that they need to give their Instagram password and username.

The Bottom Line:

Perhaps the thing the Gramblr download is commonly known for is that it’s presently accessible for download at no price; head over to your windows site for downloading it. Other apps exist for the same purpose; however, they’re all paid apps.

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