Google Talk Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Google Talk is an app that comes in really handy for supporting online communication. It’s among the pilot IM services which still have been applicable even in the present online users. It can really support both text and voice communication. Just like Skype, where users can handle video chats. Actually, they always update the features for accommodating the current functions which change online communication. The app can pin itself in your windows with a clean UI and a beautiful look for enhancing its outlook. It’s a flexible tool that is really simple to handle.

You can easily send the electronic docs and also can handle any sharing features on social media websites. All you require is for personalizing the profile with the info. You can easily make a group for having a network within a network. The voice communication can really make the world such a worldwide village. To a little extent, you can easily handle VoIP, voice, and text calls. Video conferencing is also something that’s noteworthy in this utility. Hold conferences and seminars in the comfort of the PC. You can always modify the status such that somebody can acquaint when you’re online or offline, just like Skype.

Google Talk Features:

The Google Talk app offers the following features:

  • Status updates: check if your friends are around and what they’re doing
  • Instant messages: share rapid thoughts in real-time
  • Free long distance: make computer-to-computer calls to individuals anywhere in the world.
  • File transfer: instantaneously receive and send pictures, files, and more
  • Gmail integration: chat with friends on Gmail
  • Audio conferencing: speak with several individuals at once

Google Talk


The Google Talk installation is pretty quick, and each personal PC out there, no matter how old, ought to be capable of handling it. The 900KB size of this setup explains that Google has kept everything straightforward for you. An appealing fact is that this app can really work as long as a 5K dial-up connection is accessible. Consequently, you do not require a broadband internet connection. The application can work on Windows, and it does not come with anything else.

Simple To Use & Lightweight:

The Google Talk app is created as a straightforward yet extremely efficient instant messenger, permitting individuals to chat on the Internet as long as they’ve a compatible account. This Google utility is extremely easy to use; it can really support a clean outlook along with basic customization features. Nothing too difficult or too fancy, just the features one requires when searching for a straightforward chat. Once the Google password and username is entered, the user signs in, yet, just like in any other instant messaging app, contacts have to be appended to your list before beginning a conversation. Messages can easily be sent even if your target contact isn’t online since they’ll get the text when they sign in.


In conclusion, the Google Talk download puts an easy to use user interface at the disposal for making accommodation quick and communication simple. It comes in really handy since it can connect individuals that make use of one of the most well-liked services and also can keep you updated with the email box.

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