GetFolderSize Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

When all seems to be going great, the OS might inform you that one of the partitions you have is running out of space. The disk cleaners are useful when it comes to deleting the junk data from your system’s partition, but they’re worthless if you have to see which files occupy most of the space. You can retrieve such type of info using the GetFolderSize app. Although it’s possible to show the size of a folder with the standard Windows features, this tool will spare you from launching the countless Properties.

Also, it offers a huge array of info and a series of helpful features. It is distributed as the freeware software, and you can easily set it up on the PC in less than just a minute. It can really work on different Windows platforms, from Win 2000 to Win 8. You can decide to download the standard setup file and install this app in a traditional manner, or you can choose for the portable version; it has a small zip archive.

Features Of The GetFolderSize Tool:

You will enjoy the following features of the GetFolderSize tool:

  • Determine the folders & sub-folders’ size on media storages, drives, network shares, and CD/DVDs
  • Freeware for commercial and private use
  • Scan folder and file paths with the overall length of up to thirty-two thousand characters and folder and file names having Unicode characters
  • Fast scan algorithm
  • Show the number of the folder and/or file of all subfolders and files
  • Scan the unlimited number of folders and files
  • Print your folder tree
  • Show the file size in bytes, KB, MB, and GB
  • Start the app and scan your folders right from the context menu of windows explorer
  • Save your folder tree and info into the text file


You can see a broad range of size-related statistics for individual folders and files. The GetFolderSize app permits you to scan removable or local drives, with diverse settings. It can also show the hard links, the largest files, and junctions, in a particular location, in diverse lists.



The portable version of GetFolderSize doesn’t work on Win XP and Win 2000 without the service packs.


This tool can help you in locating the large directories, removing huge folders and files, and cleaning the hard drives. The reporting procedure is accurate and fast, which denotes that you can really depend on this app for finding out how much space in the hard disk you have to reduce. It can also get into the particulars like locating the folder or disk and telling how what’re the largest folders and files in there. Whatever the profession you’re in is whether you are into writing articles, photography, music, or producing video and audio projects, you can make use of the GetFolderSize download for assisting you in your objective to free up the PC’s disk space. The disk space can simply be utilized up without you acquainting it, but with such a freeware, you need not be anxious about analyzing the hard disk.

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