FreeRapid Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

If you’re interested in making several simultaneous downloads and other hosting services such as RapidShare, then you are gonna require freeware such as the FreeRapid Downloader. It’s a download manager that is actually java based, proprietary, and it is the open-source program. It’ll help you with the background downloading by the usage of a proxy list. The only thing that the users need to carry out is to copy the download link and then paste that link on the file, and the app will move ahead and automatically check if there’s any file that exists in comparison with what you really have.

The history downloads it’ll keep as well. You’ll be capable of having a lot of other hosting services and websites that you can make use of for sharing the videos, and it’s doable because you’ll be capable of hiding the IP address so that you can append more of the proxy connections. With all, that thing appended it just requires a support network that is a little improved for boosting the popularity that it actually has. It’s been in existence for a lot of years now, and it is suggested for being clean, fast, and bug-free.

Features Of The FreeRapid Downloader:

  • Downloading utilizing the proxy list
  • Support for the simultaneous downloading from several services
  • Smart clipboard monitoring
  • Download history
  • Auto shutdown choices
  • Automatic checking for the existence of a file on the server
  • Simple CAPTCHA recognition
  • Automatic plug-ins updates
  • User-friendly
  • Can work on Microsoft Windows (all), Mac OS and Linux
  • Looks amazingly
  • Multilanguage user interface: Bosnian, Arabic, Croatian, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, Danish, Farsi, English, German, French, Hungarian, Greek, Italian, Indonesian, Polish, Japanese, Slovak, Russian, Spanish, Slovenian, Ukrainian and Turkish is ready for you!
  • Works simply!


Select From The Huge Variety Of Skins:

The FreeRapid Downloader was created with ease in mind; thus, professionals and beginners will be capable of enjoying the experience equally. Not to state that it does not need any installation and the archive that can hold all your files is portable. While it might impress feature-wise, it can fail to stimulate your eyes. The appearance of it is plain and simple, and even if we don’t judge the book by the cover of it, we dare state that a more attractive approach would very much contribute to the popularity of it. Comfort derives from the generous assortment of the skins that avert you from getting bored.

A Dependable Solution To Download The Media Files:

The FreeRapid Downloader is a dependable file downloader that can really grab the content from Picasa, RapidShare, DepositFiles, Facebook, and 4shared, to name just a few. The engine of it is based on the list of plug-ins that can really make it doable to download from particular sites. As such, it’s not the general download manager (it can work just with the supported domains). The market is crowded with tools bent on downloading material from the well-liked sharing and media sites. While a lot of them focus on a single service, this app is capable of processing the data from a huge list of such sites.


To finish, the FreeRapid Downloader download is an excellent choice if you are searching for a download manager focused on the sharing sites. The list of services supported is quite large, so you may be in for a great treat if you give this app a shot.

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