FreeNet Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The FreeNet app is a peer-to-peer platform that allows the users to have strict control over the communication and publishing over the internet. It’s created to oppose censorship, which denotes that the users enjoy an excellent level of protection and privacy. With this application you can browse sites, you can also post the comments on pictures and make forum subjects, the users can also publish the files, and they can also enjoy the highest protection utilizing this safe platform. It provides you with the luxury of making your own private individuality. What it denotes is that you can go unidentified on any site, within the tool, on any phone without even being noticed.

The users can browse through the list of predefined sites created using this utility. You’ll also notice that the access to this program is strictly restricted to just the people who are members and they can easily see what’s really happening. Any other being who’s not the member cannot have access from the outside. The application is extremely difficult to detect if you decide to make use of it just by connecting with friends. You can also ask different questions; you can even create a decentralized app. You can also publish sites that are available just through this tool.

Download The FreeNet App:

To access this app, you first have to install the main tool. This program will run in the background, and you can make use of the browser to change different settings and access the content. There’re other apps that you can easily install at some later time for appending more functionality. You can download and install this app for:

  • For Mac OSX
  • For Windows
  • For GNU/Linux and POSIX

This application is licensed as a free program for the laptop or the computer with Windows x86 and x64 OS. It’s in the file sharing category and is freely accessible to all the users.


Install This App On Windows:

First of all, simply download and open the installer. It’ll install the FreeNet app automatically and other needed parts for you. When finished, the default browser will automatically launch to the web-based UI of the app. It needs Windows XP or later.

When you set up this program, you are provided an array of different security settings from Low to Max, relying on how secure you really require this to be. The Max setting provides the slowest browsing speed, but it is also the most protected and averts any traces of stuff being left in the cache. This app is extremely basic in functionality and look. The app pages are just hyperlinks that download to the PC and can take a minute or so to open. The first page you will see is a handful of links, of which the first one Linkageddon is the major gateway to most of the content on this app. There’s an apparent warning next to the link that a few of the content is highly offensive, and the tool is surely not appropriate for minors.


All things considered, the FreeNet download offers a secured method of downloading and uploading files on the Internet. The platform has a lot of configurable settings and helpful features; all of them created for making certain that the data transferred remains anonymous and private.

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