Folder Colorizer Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

All the folder icons look similar, and they can make it challenging to find a particular folder in a huge list. Although it’s possible to alter the icon of a folder, the Folder Colorizer app provides with an easier solution. As the name suggests, this tool allows the users to change the colors of the folder icons. The great thing is that it enables you to change the folder colors right away, without dealing with any compound menus. It is absolutely free and is accessible for Win Vista, XP, 7 & 8. Installing the tool takes just a few secs. A setup wizard will easily guide you through the simple settings, but it’ll also suggest a series of additional programs, so you ought to not hurry blindly through the procedure unless you desire to find some new toolbars on the browser.

Features Of The Folder Colorizer:

This program provides these features:

  • All Colors Of This World:

It really goes above and beyond with the incorporated color editor. It now comprises support for the HEX color codes. And with sixteen-million different colors to pick from, applying the personal touch to the folder color is really a breeze. As a consequence, it is a lot better when the folder has that beautiful shade that you really like.

  • From Boring To Color In 0.67 Secs:

Ever wanted to change folders’ color by priority, type, or other labels? It isn’t very easy to do on a Win computer. The app has a color-changer choice in the Context Menu, which enables the users to simply right-click on the folder for changing the color of it. Appending colors to Win folders does not get simpler than this.

Folder Colorizer

  • Make Folders Really Stand Out:

Several times you just have to recognize a particular folder urgently and regularly. How frequently has it happened that you were running over all your folder names and yet not being capable of locating that particular folder? This tool assists the users in distinguishing boring folders.

How To Make Use Of It?

Simply right-click on any folder, then select Colorize and choose the color you want to assign to it. If you’re an organization, it’ll be simple for anybody to locate any file. Because an association has a lot of individuals, and you’ll not be aware of where a few individuals may save your files required. The Folder Colorizer application is just a small and simple tool that anybody can be capable of utilizing. It is a fast app, so you won’t have to face any delays when changing your files. Nobody requires something that’ll take hours; with just some minutes, you can have all the files in diverse colors.


You can really change the color of your folder icon through different options in the Win Explorer context menu. The colors are changed almost right away without further input. Also, the tool enables the users you to pick and save any color they like.


You have to be cautious during the installation procedure if you do not desire any additional toolbars on the web browser.


All in all, the Folder Colorizer download is a program that can assist plenty of users, providing one of the easiest to use approaches on the market. The shell integration clearly assists a lot, and since it is all very intuitive, the lack of help ought not to bother the users too much.

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