ExpertGPS Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

If you asked yourself if you can really make your own routes and also get to edit the GPS maps, then the ExpertGPS app will permit you to do so and for making custom routes/maps. The GPS no longer offers a read-only type of data. You can easily edit and save your tracks, routes, and waypoints for pleasant navigation. The straightforward and simple program permits the users to make different changes by appending the background color; reduce and enlarge the maps. The most significant feature is that it permits the users to import and export the data to the created map for customization. The feature can support the major GPS file formats. The editing part of this tool can redo, cut, paste, undo, and even find points utilizing the grid reference system for the modified navigation map.

In fact, a unique function is the notes addition to the located points. The search feature provides you a range of functions: view, list, edit, and import from or export to diverse file formats. The edited map is always at the disposal while you navigate. You’re free to make different changes to the final layout of your map to either portrait or landscape. The lightweight utility takes up a small disk space hence doesn’t compromise on your PC usage. When you need professional editing of your different files, then this application is the ultimate solution. It’s a program to make adjustments on your GPS maps for suiting your navigation requirements.

ExpertGPS Features:

There’re a few of the main features which you’ll experience after the ExpertGPS installation.

  • Able to edit routes, waypoints, and tracks
  • Very helpful app to view the satellite map
  • Lightweight app and use little resources of the computer
  • Simple to use for everybody
  • Can support several images formats
  • A professional app to make changes on your GPS map


Efficient & Lightweight App:

There’re numerous configuration settings to change the layout of the map, as you can choose the colors for your grid lines and the label text for the aerial photos, topographical maps, and nautical charts. Throughout our testing, we’ve seen that the ExpertGPS app provides exceptional image quality, and no problems showed up throughout the whole procedure. It does not consume much of memory and CPU, so it does not even burden the overall PC performance.

Simple Workflow:

What is more, you can also carry out searches for locating waypoints, seeing a list with them, hiding them, from the map, receive or send the chosen waypoints from and to the GPS, and import data from MXF, TPG, or CSV formats. Similar parameters are put at the disposal to make and edit tracks, routes, notes, shapes, and photos. Finally, you can also save the created data to the GPX format and see the position on your map while traveling.


You can easily transfer the data between the PC and your GPS receiver. The ExpertGPS app permits the users to review the trips, plan new ones, and a lot more. You might also configure the waypoints and associate them with a broad range of info.


You might require a little time to studying all the accessible functions.

The Bottom Line:

All things considered, the ExpertGPS download provides a lot of helpful tools to assist you in manipulating the GPS routes, waypoints, and tracks in a professional manner. This application offers you the possibility of making and adjusting your routes; however, you desire, irrespective of what GPS receiver you’re making use of.

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