Exe Extractor Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

We send & receive diverse files, and one of the excellent ways methods to do so is to make archives for reducing the file size and for sending only one file instead of several. The universal exe extractor is created for opening or extracting the files from archives made with well-liked tools such as WinZip, WinRAR, 7 ZIP, and others. The tool can’t make new archives but can open almost all extensions. It is created to be direct and simple, without command-line options or plug-ins. It provides diverse options as the context menu in the right-click menu. You can choose the destination of the folder as well for deleting the duplicate files. Besides from decompressing some common archives, it can also open and get your files from the self-executable exe files.Do Cain And Abel Download

Universal Exe Extractor Is A Powerful Decompression Program:

Please remember that universal extractor 2 is the extended version of the original one, and is created by Jared Breland. Therefore, if you’re acquainted with the latter, you can simply comprehend the former’s capabilities without any significant effort. This program can assist you in unpacking different files from the PC intuitively and efficiently. You simply have to choose the target file and select a destination to extract the data contained in it. However, you can’t make use of it for making archives, as this function isn’t supported.Do Immunity Debugger Download

Useful Setup Assistant:

When you first open the tool, you’re prompted with some wizard-like menu that can assist the users in performing some configuration steps with minimum complexity. Among the adaptable parameters, you can locate the context menu entries and global preferences, but it’s also possible to allow some additional features from the same assistance part. It can assist you in extracting both video and audio tracks from the standard video files on the PC but needs you to download a few required files.Do AMIDuOS Download

Batch Processing Capabilities:

In case you desire to save yourself a little time, you can manage multiple docs simultaneously by utilizing its handy batch processing feature. You simply have to click on Batch from the main window for every file you plan on appending to your queue. A little numeric pointer is shown on this button so that you can exactly acquaint how many files the tool is gonna unpack.Do SPSS Download

Exe Extractor

Scan Mode & Password List:

Additionally, it can support utilizing the password list for safe archives. This function may come in really handy if you have to decompress a huge number of compressed files that are locked with diverse passwords. More so, you can also easily switch between scan-only and extraction modules by simply clicking on the corresponding radio button before carrying out the procedure. The scan feature can also analyze the source docs and determine the file types without trying to extract them to the PC.


All in all, the universal exe extractor download is a dependable tool that can assist you in extracting the contents of several files from the PC efficiently and without any considerable efforts. It offers you an easy to use interface, effective and straightforward controls, and different customization options, comprising the context menu integration abilities.

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