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File sharing is getting increasingly popular these days. That is because it is simpler to search for a file in an extremely large file network than to look for it on Google or the torrent websites. A couple of extremely well-liked tools rules the file-sharing world. The eMule program is one of such tool. Initially called eDonkey, this utility permits anybody to share the files on the web, in an extremely large network, providing anybody the chance to download them in extremely little time. The tool is extremely easy to install, being a Windows app. Utilizing the utility is also easy, as the interface of it also has a graphical form.Do Boot Disk Utility Download

Main Functions And Features Of The eMule App :

Once the executable file of eMule is downloaded and installed, you will be able to enjoy the following features and functions of the electronic mule. You will have to connect to any of its several servers, carry out a tiny configuration of different ports and the firewall, and you can begin enjoying these functions and features:

  • Look for the files by name and filter by the type: images, audio, programs, and videos, etc.
  • Option to get sources from other clients done the same download
  • Possibility to stop, pause, or cancel the download
  • Multimedia files preview so as not to complete the download of undesired files
  • All statistics sort regarding the connection time and upload and download speeds
  • IP Filter: permits you to filter the files that are corrupt and spread around the web
  • Secure the user identification
  • Permits the users to recover the parts of corrupt files.
  • Messaging system to locate other people with the same tastes and interests


The eMule Is Perfect For The Beginners :

Where the eMule program can do extremely well is with its ease of usage and the capability of downloading the files from your browser, without having to look for them and lose your way in the maze of a network. It is for exactly this cause that it is suggested for the less experienced people who desire to evade any complications while they are downloading. One of the benefits of this tool, compared to other peer to peer clients, is the capability to usage a media player such as VLC for playing the preview of the video or the MP3 files that you are downloading. The design of this program has changed extremely little over the years, and consequently, now seems a bit dated. A redesign of its interface for making it more modern would be an exact improvement.Do Camtasia Download

eMule Is A Very Well-Known Peer To Peer Client :

The eMule utility is a file-sharing tool that is appropriate for the less experienced people, thanks to its ease of usage and the huge number of files located in the search results. It is among the best recognized and highly rated pieces of peer to peer software.Do Microsoft office Starter Download


The eMule program permits connecting to an incredibly huge network and downloading almost any kind of file. Besides, you can download more files simultaneously. Moreover, a full-featured IRC client is comprised of it. What is more, you can see different statistics regarding the created traffic and download and upload speed.Download Ratiomaster for free


Having a lot of features accessible, it is possible to lose track at times.


In brief, the eMule download is an efficient file-sharing program, which doesn’t consume all the bandwidth. It was and still is the basis of newer and modern file-sharing tools. It doesn’t put the strain on your PC’s performance, and the interface is quite appropriate to all the user categories. Jobs are generally completed in a timely, without popping up freezing, errors, or crashing.Do Setfsb Free Download

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