EasyTether Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

With the advent of the usage of smartphone technology, access to the internet in regions that have no more pop access, all you require is to set the device to act as the hotspot. With that, you can simply access your internet from your phone on numerous devices, most up to four. The major benefit of this is that you don’t need to get through the complex procedure of rooting your phone to access the net. EasyTether is a click and connects app. It’s perfect for managing of the internet functions since you’ll have access to all the TCP and UDP. The sharing facility of such a function is quite ideal and vibrant.

You can utilize EasyTether on your laptop and the PC; the only part that you need to have is that they both have to have the hotspot functionality. You have two options, either to utilize a private or a public function. The public facility isn’t suggested just because somebody might utilize the chance to access the data if you lack the strong protectors. The private one comes with the encryption program with password protection. In case you’re utilizing it on the network, you need to share your password for the PCs to have unlimited access.

EasyTether Features:

EasyTether provides these features:

  • Bluetooth and USB tethering for Windows 7-8- 8.1-10 and the legacy XP-Vista PCs (x32 and x64)
  • Doesn’t need the root access on your smartphone
  • Bluetooth and USB tethering support for Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu, and Arch Linux, etc.) PCs on Intel, ARM (comprising Raspberry Pi)
  • Bluetooth and USB tethering for the Android tablets comprising Kindle Fire
  • UDP support for different games, for L2TP VPN and for a few IM applications
  • Amazing Bluetooth tethering for the NetBSD systems
  • Free lifetime upgrades
  • The gaming consoles tethering through the Win operating-system X net connection sharing
  • Compatible with the HTC Sync
  • Implemented as the normal NAT tool with compete UDP and TCP support
  • All the Android devices are supported


How Can You Make Use Of This App?

  • You can find the EasyTether app in your Android Store by simply searching for its name. Install and launch the tool for getting started.
  • After opening the program, choose the PC’s OS.
  • You’ll then be asked to download the client app that has to be installed on the PC. Since you most likely do not have the net access on the PC at that point, you can simply download the client using the phone, mount the device as the USB drive on the PC > run its installer.
  • Install the desktop program and accept its default settings. You might get a few driver security warnings throughout the installation, which you have to accept. Make certain to run the tool on the PC after installation.
  • After you have installed its desktop client, go back to the phone and check the checkbox that says something like you have successfully installed the desktop program. With the device connected to the PC using a USB cable, you can now simply right-click the app icon from the PC’s system tray and choose Connect via Android.

That’s all! You can now utilize the data connection of your phone on the PC.

The Bottom Line:

Although it just can support the USB tethering, the EasyTether download comes in really handy for the people who are searching for a simple method to get the net access utilizing a mobile phone.

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