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PHP is the most frequently utilized web language for creating flexible, complex, and interactive sites. The issue is that for testing a PHP app, you’ll have to have a web hosting account and domain and also upload your PHP file online. Luckily, you can test the PHP app without running through all much hassle, as you can simply install the EasyPHP app. This Windows tool can install a simple Apache web server into the computer, together with PHP and MySQL support. You don’t have to configure or customize the installation procedure, as it’ll automatically run and install all the needed files.

After EasyPHP has been successfully installed, you can test that simply by typing your PC’s IP address inside the web browser. At that point, a web interface will be shown, in which you can simply see the state of your server, MySQL module, and PHP support. For testing the PHP file, you can simply upload it in the tool’s folder and then access it through the IP address of the PC. In case you desire to configure the app’s module thoroughly, you can access every configuration file from your system tray icon. Unluckily, configuring modules ought to just be done by the experienced people, as a mistake can make the tool unstable.Download Magic Iso

More About EasyPHP :

Since the launch of this fantastic tool year ago, it has managed to get a lot of installations over the years. About the EasyPHP download, it is a program that requires less space than the average tool in the Development software section. It is an extremely well-liked tool in a few countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S. It is accessible for the people with the OS Windows 95 and prior versions of the windows, and you can get the tool in Spanish, English, and French. One thing you have to keep in mind when utilizing this software is to keep the files either in the www folder or inside the alias you made. In this way, the pages with the extension of PHP will be correctly interpreted.Get HP Universal Print Driver


Advantages & Disadvantages Of EasyPHP :

Check the following pros and cons of the EasyPHP tool:


EasyPHP tool can really install a straightforward MySQL database and web server into the computer, permitting the users to test MySQL and PHP apps. Besides that, the PHP files can also be easily copied into the tool’s folder and can also be accessed using the IP address of the PC. Also, every program module can be completely configured.


Configuring every module needs experience, and skill and beginners might not manage in such a situation.


All in all, the EasyPHP app is indeed an extremely straightforward and simple development environment that can be utilized with minimal efforts by less knowledgeable people, even though it may be a smart alternative for advanced programmers. You can take the EasyPHP download on your portable device and run it from directly there, thus permitting you to take all the work with you in an extremely simple way.

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