Easy2Boot Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Do you need that software that can allow you to do tasks in a more satisfactory and quicker manner? Then you do not need to go any further. The Easy2Boot tool is everything you want and even more. The program can assist you in turning the USB storage drive into a bootable media in a manner that no other app can do. One of the main strengths of Easy2Boot is portability. Because of that, it needs no prior installation to run. All you have to carry out is save it on your external storage stick like USB storage drive, carry it anywhere you desire, and run that executable file with so much ease.

Features Of The Easy2Boot Tool:

The check out the following fantastic features of the Easy2Boot download:

  • MPI Tool Pack for making .imgPTN files for the MBR and UEFI booting
  • UEFI-booting is doable by simply converting the payloads into the .imgPTN files
  • Directly MBR-boots.IMA, .ISO, .VHD, .IMG, .WIM, .VHDX, Windows Install ISOs, and WinBuilder WinPE ISOs, etc.
  • Simple to maintain – simply copy over the ISOs and files
  • USB storage devices are also supported
  • Over three hundred diverse kinds of payload files and ISOs are supported
  • Designed to work on a broad range of diverse systems, even the ones with quirky/buggy BIOSes


No Installation Is Required:

Since Easy2Boot is portable, it doesn’t have to be set up on the system. You simply have to decompress the archive file’s contents that it comes packed in and open the executable file. More so, it doesn’t change any of the registry entries of your Windows, nor does it make additional folders or files on the file system. However, caution is still advised when operating Easy2Boot since a few of its functions (like formatting) can reason permanent damage to the files.Download Smart Share

Make Multi-Boot USBs:

You can turn to the Easy2Boot tool if you have to create a bootable media from the USB flash drives. Among such supported devices, you can locate USB storage devices, but also the external SDDs or HDDs. Making the bootable media is doable by plugging it in the PC, running your corresponding executable file, and following the directions given on your screen, which guide you through the entire procedure. What makes Easy2Boot stand out is that it comes with the UEFI booting support. More so, you don’t have to format and remake the media every time you have to modify the contents. The ISO folder made on the USB storage drive can shelter numerous folders and sub-folders where the users can really place the image files so that they can be identified automatically upon booting.


All in all, the Easy2Boot app is a dependable program that can assist you in making the multi-boot USB flash drives that come with the UEFI support in an effortless and quick manner. It is portable as well and features a Command Line Interface and has a thorough guide that you can consult in case you are stuck somewhere.

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