DS4Tool Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

When you really play a lot on the console, it’s a great idea to make use of the controller on your computer. The DS4Tool permits the users to configure and make use of the PS4 DS4 controller on the computer. If you’re searching for a program that comes in really handy to support you when you desire to handle all the PS functions, then this one is the best option. It’s a simple app that provides you with the basic features of a utility that comes in really handy to make certain that you’re capable of managing and handling all such functions with ease. It’s a utility that comes with the customization settings to the point that you’ve the capability of making certain that you’re capable of running all the mapping features when it comes to utilizing the PlayStation 4 controller from your Windows computer.

You have a choice of utilizing either the wireless feature or simply by the usage of the wire such that you still manage all such features easily. It’s a program that’s a must-have for all the gaming fans. Simultaneously, you also have an opportunity to make certain that you’re capable of managing and handling all the simulation features easily. In fact, the additional functions accessible for this tool comprise the fact that you can simply access the touch feature and also run the customization support in simple a few clicks. The flexibility and simplicity of this application make it among the best and most vibrant applications.

Features Of The DS4Tool:

Check put the following features of this app that you will get to enjoy:

  • Touchpad support
  • Mapping of axis/buttons
  • Battery status indication
  • LED color customization


Simple For Install & Configure:

First and foremost, you’ll have to install all the necessary drivers. Simply go to the tool’s folder and run the executable file titled ScpDriver.exe. The procedure of installing DS4Tool is extremely simple, as you simply have to click the Install button. Next, you can either connect the controller using a USB or pair it through Bluetooth. You should not run into any problems, but you can always check out the guide accessible on the unofficial page.

Does Not Always Work, Particularly On Win 10:

The DS4Tool could, at times, have issues detecting the devices, in which case you’ll have to reboot the PC and/or reinstall your drivers. While restarting rebooting the computer ought to solve the problem, it does not always do the work. It’s worth noting that, since it hasn’t been updated for a little time, it’s not assured to work on Win 10. Even we’re not capable of connecting the DualShock 4 controller, though other people have had better luck.


All things considered, the DS4Tool download is an awesome option for the people who desire to play games on the computer with a DS controller and are running the older Windows version. If you have Win 10, however, you might need to try a substitute such as DS4Windows.

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