Driver Sweeper Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Everyone desires to have a fast PC; besides hardware, we have to take care of software and for managing all the apps. One thing to accomplish is to remove all the outdated drivers or to remove the ones that aren’t utilized. Lack of the driver in a device can be a source of PC malfunction. The challenge now is when you need to get the pertinent driver for restoring the functionality. That’s where the Driver Sweeper app is vital for getting rid of and adding drivers of a similar function but diverse from your default browser. Immediately after you open the tool, you get a list of all available drivers in the PC, all you require is to simply click on them and click on the clean icon for removing them.

Do it when you’re very certain of what you’re doing because you might reason more harm to the PC than before. A few of your drivers are just registries that occupy the disk space for no reason. You might also back up all your drivers and run the clean feature and still restore your drivers, which you might have removed accidentally from your computer. It’s a simple application which can be utilized by both beginners and professional. Although, it’s significant to have an acquaintance of the importance of drivers in a system before you use the utility. You don’t need to go through the system files which are delicate to delete drivers when this app is freely accessible to provide you with an option of the particular drivers to remove.

User Interface Of Driver Sweeper:

Once you install the Driver Sweeper tool, you get a straightforward user interface that permits you to get rid of old drivers rapidly. The first icon permits you to look for the drivers found on the system. You can choose the drivers to get rid of by simply highlighting your driver and hitting the right arrow key. For the best results, make certain to restart the PC after you finish installing your drivers. It guarantees that any active drivers get completely deactivated and can permit other drivers the capability of running more efficiently without conflicting with others. Keeping the old drivers on the computer is one of the greatest issues with system stability. Old drivers do not get updated and might interfere with presently active drivers. It’s a recipe for a huge disaster.

Driver Sweeper



  • Does not need significant technical know-how to run
  • Removes drivers leftover from unfinished tool installations
  • Improve the dependability of the computer
  • Runs directly from the portable driver or USB make it a perfect portable tech solution


  • Needs a basic understanding of drivers you’re getting rid of
  • May remove drivers shared between more than one app that is necessary for the stability of your system
  • Safe mode is needed upon restart for finalizing the uninstall procedure

Before running this Driver Sweeper tool, you have to boot into the Safe Mode. It ensures a full uninstallation of the complete driver. This app can also support the removal of printers, display, mouse, sound, and chipset drivers. The tool can also be run from your USB, making it an excellent app for techs that have to move between different locations. The Driver Sweeper download does a fantastic job of scanning the existing apps and just providing the option to get rid of the files that are not needed by the other apps.

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