Driver Booster Pro Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Not everybody who owns a PC acquaints what drivers are, and much less how you can keep them updated. Unlike OS updates, such pieces of software do not automatically update all of the time, and can frequently reason a few malfunctions on your system that can turn into real issues down the road if you leave them unattended. How can you sort out this problem, then? Well, downloading & installing solutions such as the Driver Booster Pro ought to be adequate to provide you with peace of mind. This program was conceived to carry out things on its own and tell you simple and clear the actions you have to take.

Upon beginning, it’ll automatically scan for the outdated drivers and let you know how old they’re. After the first few steps, it will then provide you with the best update accessible for all the compatible parts. Certainly, the product also allows you to uninstall and roll back to the older drivers’ versions if you have to, although it goes against its major reason. Besides drivers for the PC parts, it also looks for different updates for the gaming peripherals.

Driver Booster Pro

Driver Booster Pro Features:

Check out the following features of Driver Booster Pro:

  • Download & update the out-of-date drivers with a simple click
  • Automatically scan and identify missing, out-of-date, and faulty drivers
  • Safer updating with competent WHQL drivers only
  • Smaller package of the driver with the new driver compression algorithm
  • Two hundred percent larger database for updating more out-of-date and rare drivers
  • Unlock driver updatation speed limit
  • Better auto-download for accelerating download
  • Decrease system crashes and freezes for better performance
  • Auto driver install and update during the system idle time
  • Backup all your drivers automatically for safe restore
  • Update to the newest version automatically
  • Priority for updating the game parts for the better gaming
  • Free 24/7 tech support on demand

Smooth Gaming Performance:

Sluggish game performance makes you aggravated? It is now time to get the Driver Booster Pro. It simply can keep the game ready drivers and graphics drivers up-to-date to get the best performance of your hardware and take gaming to a whole new level. It also rapidly shuts down the needless Windows Service and background processes for unlocking the complete potential of the computer game. Game parts for most computer games are also accessible for assisting in launching the game successfully.

System Requirements:

  • HDD: One GB space free on your hard drive
  • OS: Win XP, 7 & above
  • Screen resolution that can support 1024×768 & above resolutions

Download The Complete Version Of The App For Free:

The Driver Booster Pro download complete version is a full package that’ll assist you by simply ensuring that you have the ideal system with the updated drivers for making certain that you’ve a smoothly running machine. Make certain to check out the system requirements before any installation. You can simply download the installer from the link provided!


Having been recognized as the solid performer in the past, the Driver Booster Pro still keeps on to offer reliability and consistency for those who have to spot and update the drivers. Maintaining intuitive features and a simple layout, is now appends numerous little tweaks, which can really make a major difference.

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