DJ Music Mixer Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Being a proficient DJ is a big-time job; on an occasion like anniversaries, and parties, etc. you are among the principal individuals, and the listeners are looking up to you for making them happy with good mix/songs. Hence, as a DJ (novice or professional), the DJ Music Mixer will be of great help. It’s a superior DJ program with many built-in tools and features to make charming song mixes. It has an intuitive user interface, so beginner DJs can still create great blends perfectly. Also, it’s created with a dependable audio mixing engine, comes with the automated MP3 mix, vocal removal, real-time effects, video mixing, and many other helpful features for creating a rocky song mix.

The equalizer accessible on this tool is extremely efficient and powerful. If you are still going through the training on how you can be a proficient DJ, this tool will be of great help as it has a virtual 2-deck layout which can really mimic the real DJ deck. This ingenious DJ app can also support video mixing, which is one of the trending styles. Additionally, the tool permits you to open and save diverse playlist formats easily.

Features Of The DJ Music Mixer:

  • Strong equalizers with the predefined settings
  • Mix songs and music competently with cross-fade
  • Customizable and professional effects
  • Complete audio mixing control with loop and cue functionality
  • Support and open your different videos and mix them easily
  • Multi DJ sampler decks that have exclusive recorder and trim
  • Open and save many playlist formats
  • Rip and convert the CD audio tracks to the audio format
  • Extract and convert your audio from the video files

A Simple To Use Simulation:

These days, you do not need to be a professional for creating tunes, nor do you need to purchase a DJ disc before you begin working on the music career. This application for the computer is one of the apps seeking to assist PC users with any level of experience to become professional DJs. The apps user interface has all the essential functions to mix the music. It boasts easiness of installation and usage and runs flawlessly on any version of your Windows operating system. It occupies just 20MB of the hard drive space and needs a low level of system resources. This app also allows uploading the tracks or using those on YouTube and different other music streaming platforms. The UI is completely customizable to meet the requirements of each user.

DJ Music Mixer

How Can You Utilize This App?

Once the users load the audio files onto the decks, they might play them separately or together. Another option is to make use of the cross-fading function for moving from one song to the other. Aside from the player features, this app can support a huge range of audio effects, all as customizable as you desire it to be. You will also find the equalizer for assisting you in fine-tuning the song frequencies. Another useful feature is the capability of recording the mixes in real-time and save them as the WAV or MP3 file. There’re quality settings for your song pitch if you do that, and the app permits you to loop definite parts of a song. The DJ Music Mixer download comprises extra functions in the package, too, a video converter to extract the audio, a CD ripper to transform the audio tracks from CDs to the digital files. You can easily convert and mix the tracks from the online sources.

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