Desktop Lighter Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

In the whole of tool development, you’d be surprised at the level of consideration and thinking that’s been put into making tools as almost every kind of issue is covered efficiently. It’d interest you to acquaint that a program exists that is directed to only the screen brightness alone, and with such directness level, you can look forward to nothing but a useful app. Now for a little more info on this application, the Desktop Lighter is an app made particularly for assisting the users in controlling the brightness of the PC screen fast and easily.

The user interface of the tool is extremely straightforward, as all you have to carry out is to draw the slider for increasing or reducing the intensity of light on the PC screen. Very astonishing, isn’t it? Your eyes are the most precious resource you have, and you have to be capable of protecting it with all you have got. This utility is developed in a manner that it can really support hotkeys, which denotes the keyboard shortcuts that can be appended to help with better accessibility. If you like the eyes and are prepared to protect it, you ought to get this program.

Desktop Lighter Provides Improved Accessibility With The Hotkey Support:

In the Desktop Lighter app, you can click & then drag the slider for adjusting the brightness level, or make use of the up & down arrow keys for better accuracy. The global hotkeys are also accessible to modify the monitor brightness from any of the external working situations, and they’re all listed in the right-click menu.

Quick Deployment & User-Friendly:

After an uneventful and brief setup process that doesn’t need any special attention, you can check out the vertical, small frame representing the interface. It occupies little space on the desktop, and when not utilized, you can leave the app hidden somewhere in your system tray.

Gets The Work Done Perfectly:

The Desktop Lighter tool performs smoothly, without reasoning any problems to Windows. It has a great response time and barely makes use of the memory and CPU, so it does not interrupt your activity. Although it’s not been updated, the program can work well on the newer operating system platforms.

Desktop Lighter

Keeps The Chosen Settings Applied:

This tool can also create an icon in your system tray area at the startup, and the users can easily minimize it there by simply clicking on a button at the top corner of the panel. Also, the users can make the utility automatically run at the system startup and retain information about the last settings, and also switch to a huge brightness fader.


  • Desktop Lighter is an easy app to make use of.
  • It can change the brightness of your screen in a matter of secs.


  • It can permit viruses to enter your system.


As mentioned earlier, the Desktop Lighter download is created in a manner that it can really support the hotkeys, which denotes that you can add the keyboard shortcuts for assisting you with better accessibility. You should definitely consider getting this program if you really love your eyes.

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