DeskPin App Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Those of you who frequently work with a huge number of open windows on the desktop at times get irritated by having to search for the windows you require at that moment, particularly if you make use of them a lot and need to minimize a huge number of windows only to have some other one in view. The DeskPin app is a free application for Windows that provides the users with the means to have one or more windows in continuous view on your desktop so that it’s doable to access them as fast as possible. The way it really works is quite easy. It’s extremely similar to the action of putting different tabs on the page. Clicking on an icon of your system tray, you grab that tab. Once you’ve it, you simply click the title bar of a window you desire to fix in place for placing the tab. Like this, this tool becomes, thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, extremely helpful to the people who frequently work with a huge quantity of open windows.

Features Of The DeskPin App:

  • Intelligent handling of different app types
  • Unlimited number of pins accessible
  • Global hotkeys
  • Powerful automatic wildcard-based pin support
  • Negligible system resources use

Know The Priorities Of Yours:

The DeskPin application can assist you a lot in putting your priority apps above the other open windows as well on the desktop. Pinning those apps on top not just makes it easy to get to, but it also saves the time from having to really excavate through the several tabs you’re working with. It’s an excellent method of avoiding the most significant tasks from being hidden underneath open files, docs, browsers, and other apps. For making things better, this program allows the users to pin more than one app or window so you can have two or more apps at the same time floating above others. You can simply keep on appending as many apps as you desire.

DeskPin App

In my opinion, this utility is best utilized to keep small apps such as calendars and timers above the larger apps that can simply cover them. The app is extremely user-friendly and allows you to append apps without any problem. Eradicating them is also one click away. The add & remove keys appear in the neat interface of the application under Autopin. Other features can also be simply accessed like Pin management and assigning shortcuts or Hotkeys.

Best For Multitasking:

The DeskPin tool makes work simple for individuals in many ways. Apart from the ease that it provides by pinning significant windows on top, its straightforwardness and simplicity make it friendly to all of the users. You don’t need to have to be an expert in programs or technology for using this app. It is a simple app that allows you to get the work done faster.

The Final Verdict:

Overall, however, the DeskPin download is based on a great idea and tries to provide Windows application a significant missing feature. It is usually stable on Win XP and, what is more, it boasts extremely intuitive options that don’t need any additional information.

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