DAMN NFO Viewer Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

NFO files are similar to the TXT files but don’t have the default opener. The DAMN NFO Viewer is created for opening, editing and saving DIZ and NFO files with an intuitive user interface. There’s an option to view the text files even if they’ve the text art in them. It’s the power of this small program. It’s a utility that has multilingual support that can make certain that you’re capable of using the app is almost seventeen diverse languages.

The tool also comes with a customized user interface in such a manner that you’re capable of accessing the visual elements for its background colors. It also has fonts of different sizes. It also features a word wrap complete with visual effects and character. The user interface is incorporated with shell and all the extensions that make it perfect for all. It’s a program that can really manage all the other features with minimal effort. Simultaneously, you’ll have a copy & paste feature, which is also supported utilizing the scroll mode accessible on the user interface.

DAMN NFO Viewer Is Available In Numerous Languages

The languages supported by this tool are Dutch, Chinese Simplified, French, English, Italian, German, Portuguese, Norwegian, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, and Swedish. You can select the languages during its installation and switch between these languages later using the Settings dialog.


File Support & Text Customization:

In case you work with the NFO files very often, it is possible to have this app utilized as the default viewer right before the setup is finished. The files can be opened using the drag & drop, and you are permitted to see the files under formats such as DIZ, NFO, and TXT. The great thing about this app is that it’s a customizable look, so you can change a few visual settings for making it a little more appealing. Also, this app supports shell integration and has the Unicode support and the smart line breaking and three-word wrapping modes.

User-Friendly & Lightweight:

The installation procedure does not pose major issues and takes very little of the time. The tool has a simple UI and a basic settings menu that allows the users to configure a few options to make it even simple to utilize. Also, this utility has a handy copy-on-select feature that copies the text you choose automatically, just like the function we have seen in mIRC a few years ago. Furthermore, it has the drag & drop support, a separate function for setting the background and the text colors, and also the word-wrap support.


Long story short, the DAMN NFO Viewer download is a tiny app that does precisely what the name of it suggests: assists the user to view NFO files that have ASCII Art and other kinds of info. The tool is absolutely worth a shot, and in case your Notepad is not exactly what you are searching for, be certain to give this powerful app a try.

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