CyberLink Power2Go Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The optical discs are outstanding to backup your important work files. You can save a huge amount of data, and your files won’t get corrupted, infected, or altered in any other manner. With the help of CyberLink Power2Go, you can burn your data on DVDs, CDs, or Blu-rays. Also, the program provides you the chance to make video discs, with image gallery discs, title menus, recovery discs, and a lot more. Downloading and installing this app ought not to take more than some minutes. When you run this setup package, the program’s files will automatically be downloaded; after that, a setup wizard will direct you through a simple installation process. The tool doesn’t ask for a lot of resources, and it can be utilized on the Windows XP or any later Windows version.

Key Features Of The CyberLink Power2Go Tool:

You will be enjoying the following features of CyberLink Power2Go:

  • Make a complete backup of the Windows system and your data on the system drive.
  • Burn all the data to any type of disc.
  • Rip and convert the audio files and make DVDs.
  • NEW! Catalog and search the disc collection using Disc Manager.
  • NEW! Download and backup videos and photos from Flickr, Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube!

CyberLink Power2Go

An All-In-One Disc Burning & Copying Program:

The core of the CyberLink Power2Go app is focused on working on the qualitative burning and backup function of the docs, media, or anything a user can think of. Its main window offers one-click access to all its functions and modules, allowing you to select the task to perform utilizing the modern-looking menu. As such, you can choose the kind of disc to be made (music, data, photo gallery, or video), as well as go for the disc copying function or for the system recovery disc that you can utilize if the Windows system stops working.


  • All Discs: 

The program can handle all of the media discs: CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Mixed Mode CDs, and even the Photo Gallery discs.

  • Suite: 

The start screen of the tool has all the programs; each one has its own amazing layout. We could set favorites for automatically printing the labels, retrieving album and disc information online, automatically append the burned discs to backups and libraries, and do other similar things just the integrated tool can do.

  • Extras: 

Though basic, it has some extras, such as the Desktop Burning Gadget. The tool’s platinum version appends WaveEditor, LabelPrint, Virtual Drive, and a lot more utilities and features.

  • Recovery Disc: 

Take the blank disc and some minutes for burning your system recovery disc, and keeping it secure and accessible: You will be happy you did, should you ever require it.


  • Go Free: 

Freeware can copy the features such as the online library management and media backup, making Power2Go Essential and other free programs feasible alternatives for the premium suites such as Power2Go 10 Platinum.


The CyberLink Power2Go download offers exceptional burning speed, relying certainly on the performance of the disc writer. However, the engine is smart adequate for adapting the system resources to its requirements, so as to guarantee a pleasant and smooth experience. All things considered, the app can really fulfill all the needs that the disc burning program should. It is speedy, smart, good looking, and easy to use, which makes it so worthy of the top spot in the category.

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