CPU Meter Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The CPU makes all its math calculations. It’s the brain behind any working of a PC system. Any malfunctioning of your processing unit is a crash on your whole system; it’s now the time you require a program that can make certain that you’re capable of checking the working of your CPU. A few of the areas that the All CPU Meter tool can check to comprise the core processor, the temp levels, usage on the ROM and RAM, CPU vendor name icons use of your processor, among others. It’s the utility that’s perfect for making certain that you’re capable of detecting any malfunction when it comes to the use of your CPU.

In fact, without an excellent central processing unit, even the processing speed of the PC is compromised. All you require is to make certain that you’re capable of managing all your processing functions of the same in just some simple clicks of a button. Relying on the OS, it’s a program that’s perfect for you despite the experience level you have. The work of yours is simply to keep watch and make use of the help file accessible on the user interface to make certain you’re capable of checking on the working of your system.

All CPU Meter Features:

  • Ram usage
  • Processor usage
  • Size adjustable
  • Page file usage
  • Processor icons
  • CPU frequency
  • PC domain and username
  • Processor name
  • Alert CPU temp
  • Cores temps
  • Double-click the background show; resource monitor, task manager
  • Graph (show/hide); filled, line
  • Auto update-notifier
  • Refresh rate adjustable
  • Reset to the default setting
  • Color adjustable; background, bar, text, graph

CPU Meter


This program comes with an Options screen that offers a broad array of configuration settings, particularly when taking into consideration that we are coping with an easy gadget. There’re many display options, so the users can easily configure the size and decide whether they desire to see the processor name or clock frequency, the memory usage number, percentage, and bar. Plus, you can easily adjust its graph by selecting the drawing style and choose the action to carry out when double-clicking the background.

By default, double-click can open the Win Task Manager, but you can set up the tool to open the resource monitor or just turn the feature off totally. Certainly, you are also capable of configuring the refresh rate through the Options section, but also allow the core temps. Last but not least, if the standard user interface does not suit the taste, the dedicated Color section permits you to change the colors for every single part of your gadget, comprising clock, title, and also the processor.

The Bottom Line:

All things considered, the All CPU Meter download app is quite a useful gadget, and although it can work just on the Windows Vista and Windows 7, it does such a great job at keeping an eye on the central processing unit of yours.

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