Corsair Link Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The Corsair Link is an app created for eliminating the need for fan activity, monitoring temp, RPM, LEDs, and other motherboard sensors’ value in an efficient and convenient way. Since the idea is to assist you in making things as easy as possible, you can make use of a custom picture as the background picture and drag-n-drop devices listed.

The System Panel:

The system panel offers an overview of the mechanism inside the PC, comprising any connected hardware that is capable of Corsair Link and also temps for most major parts (graphics card(s), CPU, and drives), graphics card fan speeds and CPU activity. The icons are easily moveable, so you can drag-n-drop around the picture for simulating the part placement in the build. The background pictures given are of the Corsair case products, and you can easily change them to a custom picture that can reflect the system.You can do Tetris Download

The Corsair Link Groups :

The Groups panel of Corsair Link permits the users to assign LEDs and fans to diverse internal temp readouts. It offers the reference for the RGB LED settings or the temp-dependent fan curves.

RGB LED Control :

RGB LED strips of Corsair Link attached to the Lighting Nodes or Corsair Link Mini, H100i and H80i coolers can all have the RGB LEDs organized to any number of colors. You can also arrange to light for changing relying on a particular temp defined by the group, or simply cycle colors. For instance, if the CPU is running hot, you can easily set the lighting in the H80i for gradually changing from red to blue.Do Logitech G502 Software Download

Corsair Link

Power :

The Power tab emerges in the Corsair Link if you have a power supply of HXi or AXi Series and attacked to either Link Commander, an internal USB header, an H80i or H100i, or the Commander Mini using the digital link connection. In this section, you can simply monitor the consumption of power supply, load, efficiency, fan speed, and temp. You can also disable/enable the over-current protection, and in the series of AXi, arrange the stop points for that safety. You can configure the speed of the fan to run one hundred percent of the time by choosing a particular PWM percent for the fan. The minimum is forty percent and will be superseded by the PSU if the temp inside the PSU gets hot under the higher temperatures or loads.


The Graph section permits the users to select and graph fan speeds and temps being monitored by the Corsair Link. You can choose any of the fans or temp inputs to be graphed.

Options :

Several tabs within the Options section permit the users to configure the Corsair Link, arrange the email alerts, update the firmware of chosen Link hardware, and even log any amount of variables being controlled and/or monitored by the tool.

How Can You Download & Install This Tool?

For downloading and installing the Corsair Link, make use of the following steps:

  • First of all, navigate to Corsair’s download center.
  • Scroll down to locate the wanted version of Corsair Link > click on the drop-down arrow next to it to begin the downloading.
  • Once the Corsair Link download is done, decompress the file and double-click on the Installer.
  • Now, follow the instructions on your screen for installing the tool.

That’s it; now, you ought to be capable of utilizing this tool properly on the PC.


All things considered, if you have to keep a close eye on how the system is working and make the essential adjustments for the best performance without managing dials and switches manually, then the Corsair Link download might come in very handy.

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