CmosPwd Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

It’s rare when you have to modify something in CMOS or BIOS. These are necessary sequences of PC configuration and its start-up. But if you set the password and then forget it, this utility will surely save you. It’s common information that CMOS assists in maintaining the Info, which doesn’t require manual input, yet you also require the update on date and time. Conversely, the Basic Input/Output System works on the default control and functions. A crush on any of these denotes a total crush on your system to a level in which you’ll not recover these. That’s where the CmosPwd tool comes in really handy to permit you to gain access to such two parts of your system. It can simply unlock the functions meant for the PC Admin. It does that through the unrestricted access to the setup program of a PC.

However, it has some limitations; it’s a program that doesn’t work on all PCs. The ones we tested comprised IBM, Toshiba, AMI, ACER, and Phoenix, among others. That’s a utility that works on the DOS command prompt, although a few professionals acquaint how to crack that on a Win platform. Once you open the user interface for gaining entry, unlike the single password, you’ll have a choice of several passwords for the users to have access to. It’s a programming tool that requires a little knowledge of programming to work on this. Novices might not find it intuitive. It’s also an extremely sensitive function because it can work well on the executable system files.

Features Of the CmosPwd Tool:

Here’re a few key features of the CmosPwd utility:

  • Every system might have a diverse configuration, and while this tool will not work on each computer, it does offer support for a huge array of chips
  • Can work with most motherboards created by Phoenix, IBM, Acer, Award, Compaq, AMI, Packard Bell, and Toshiba
  • Before you run the app, you have to acquaint the motherboard and BIOS type first for checking its compatibility with this utility
  • It is not a tool anybody can make use of; it needs the user to boot the system under DOS and run the app from the floppy disk
  • See the default, backdoor passwords accessible for diverse kinds of BIOSes


How Can You Clear The CMOS?

If you like to clear the CMOS of the computer, you can do so by utilizing the /k parameter that just kills the saved info. Although the proper way to go is by booting the computer in the Disk-OS and then run the tool, you might also try it first on your Windows system. Each time you utilize a tool like this one, you do so at your own risk, so keep the fingers crossed on your next boot.


Decrypting the password of CMOS isn’t a simple job, and neither is its removal procedure. No matter the way, the risk of obliterating the motherboard’s CMOS is always there, and only if you’re in need of accessing your BIOS, you ought to give CmosPwd download a shot to prove itself as being one truly smart program. It did so formerly and will certainly do it productively in the future, for the correct type of BIOS, that is.

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