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Clean Master is the well-known Android cleaner and has a version of Windows that allows you to utilize the most well-liked feature of the tool: getting rid of the junk files that just occupy space in the device. As soon as you launch the tool, it begins scanning your system automatically and looking for the elements that can be removed. After the thorough scanning is complete, you will get the elements’ list that you can dispose of for enhancing the performance of your computer. Simply click on all of the elements or choose a complete category to dispose of them all. This process provides you the freedom of just getting rid of what you desire to erase.

Once the users implement the cleaner, they will see a graph that has everything they have gotten rid of and a file it came from. It provides you a pretty fine idea about where the majority of files you do not require are saved. The diverse categories it finds and gets rid of are just the system and web cache’s, the junk of a few of the tools and the registry keys as well as the junk that online games make, the video and audio programs, and social software. Clean Master PC is a fast and simple to utilize the program that does not require a configuration procedure, just you deciding what goes and what stays. Also, this one is just as good as its Android version.Do MusicMatch Jukebox Download

Key Features Of Clean Master :

You will get to enjoy the following features of Clean Master:

  • PC Boost Optimize: Improve the speed and resolve all the lagging problems.
  • Junk Clean: Clean the system, registry, and residual junk files for completely freeing up the storage.
  • Privacy Clean: It can also fix the privacy risks, block undesired access, and fix the privacy disclosure risks permanently.

Clean Master Can Clean Up All Types Of Junk Files :

First things first, let’s have a glance at the user interface of Clean Master, which feels recognizable and introduces rich features set in a clean way. All the controls are simply accessible utilizing the panel on your left, which also highlight’s the main capabilities of the tool. But let’s take one thing at a time to see if the utility is worth the money and time. The Junk Clean part’s reason is quite evident: it allows the users to scan the computer and find any residual system trash files that may take cover in it. As such, browser, Windows, registry junk, multimedia, and a lot more can be rapidly removed, which would clearly translate to improved performance. The next time the PC is slowing down, this utility will assist you in tuning up the system again without the necessity to format and reinstall yet again.Download CCleaner Portable so that you do not have to install any thing

Clean Master Pc

Clean Master Also Addresses Different Privacy Issues :

The next section you might desire to look at is the PC Boost. Again, the device is scanned, but the procedure ought not to last long, and the outcomes are worth the wait. Handling the startup tools more competently is possible if you use the Clean Master app. Unreservedly, optimizing the PC as well as improving the booting time is a given. Apart from this, it also packs a few goodies meant to protect privacy. The privacy leaks can also be resolved, not to state that the Windows, browser, app, download, and multimedia history can be gotten rid of so that you make certain you’re not tracked.

Clean Master Integrates A File Recovery Program & A Driver Booster:

While the abovementioned programs alone would be reasonable enough in a tool in such a niche, the Clean Master has a series of additional utilities you could use. For being more particular, file recovery features are incorporated in case the data loss has affected you, and the driver booster is given as well.

Advantages & Disadvantages:


  • Categories: 

Helpful categories such as social software junk and online games junk allow the users to clean what requires cleaning without running the entire program rapidly. Every entries of the category can be individually cleaned.

  • Icons: 

Vertically scrolling categories shows the registry, caches, and all the cleanable programs in a simple to comprehend icons with the color-coded data totals.

  • Reminders: 

The Clean Master app can issue the Reminders when the trash files accumulate the past thresholds you can arrange in the Notify settings.


  • Busy Visuals: 

The downside of all the icons and categories of the Clean Master tool shows is the visual clutter, particularly in the categories with a lot of entries.


On the ending note, the Clean Master PC download is a feature-packed app created to breathe a new life into the PC. It can clean trash, increase the privacy, improve the system’s responsiveness, and a lot more, all while requiring least effort on the users’ part, what with its efficient graphical user interface, and its simple overall approach.

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