Chedot Browser Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

When we look for the web browser on the web, there’re a lot of options that we can go for. The services and features provided by the browser make surfing the web easy and fun. The user has to be certain whether the browser that he’s utilizing is secure or not as it can reason some issues. A few of the trending browsers are Opera, Google Chrome, UC browser, Firefox, and numerous more. One other browser is the Chedot Browser, which is a new one that provides good features and offers fast internet browsing. This app is based on the Chromium engine and was created and published by the Guerrilla Programming; it was first released on 16 November 2016. You can run it on numerous platforms.

Chedot Browser Features:

  • VPN Services:

For the ease of privacy concerned people, there is an incorporated VPN service accessible in the browser. But you will need to enable it from the upper left corner.

  • Free To Utilize:

A user of this browser does not need to pay any cash for accessing its services. All he’s to carry out is to install the program.

  • Fast Search:

Anybody can get the search results in a matter of a few secs. Simply enter the keywords in the search bar and then hit enter to check the magic of quick search results.

  • Download Manager:

A great thing about this browser is that you can download audio and video files directly from the app’s interface. You can utilize the same feature for downloading a doc or any file format.

Chedot Browser

  • Chromium-Based:

To tell you the reality, all of its provided services are because of the Chromium support. The services you will access inside this tool, they’re just a part of the Chromium web browsers’ beauty.

Download Your Preferred SoundCloud Or YouTube Music Or Videos With The Help Of This Browser:

Following in a similar order, you’ll find the media downloader, which basically permits the users to download YouTube videos in both mp4a and .mp4 formats and just the mp4a for the music and social streaming service SoundCloud. The Download Manager is very handy, as it makes it very simple for the users to keep a record of all the things downloaded with the assistance of this Chedot Browser. The final tool and perhaps the most helpful of the lot is the screen capture one that permits the users to effortlessly grab the chosen areas within the web browser and improve it utilizing the small set of annotation programs.

Things You Ought To Be Aware Of:

While until now everything is all okay and cool, we’d want to indicate some things that may come off as being a little bothersome. We’ll begin with the fact that the primary tab is actually locked and, even though the users can browse any site within it, this can never be closed or unpinned, for that matter. Secondly, the browser has its custom start screen, which you can’t really disable. It denotes that every time you open a new tab in the browser, you’ll be greeted by a default screen that shows different categories, a few of them littered with advertisements.


To sum up, the Chedot Browser download can allow you to visit the geo-restricted sites, download YouTube videos, take screenshots of the web browser, and download music from SoundCloud. It is worth trying this fantastic Chromium-based web browser.

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