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Clearing your internet history or simply uninstalling the app using the default function isn’t enough for removing the traces of your registry files. You require a particular program for handling this. CCleaner portable is one such app that makes certain that the system is free from any undesired files that fill your hard drive for no apparent reason. It is an app that can assist in managing the maintenance functions and also clean your system.

This tool comes with a thorough analysis of the program such that you’re capable of detecting and handling any of the entries simply. It’s a program that acts as a special edition, although it’s the similar features as the main version. The benefit of it is the fact that it requires no installation, all you have to do is simply run the executable, and the program is installed on the system. The app leaves no history or even your registry files of the same.Do MusicMatch Jukebox Download

Features Of The CCleaner Portable:

Check out the following features of the CCleaner app:

  • Award-Winning Computer Optimization:

Trusted by many and seriously acclaimed. There is a cause why CCleaner portable is the world’s favorite computer optimization program! Simple to utilize, one-click cleaning so novices can optimize their PCs in secs and packed with the advanced features for the power users.

CCleaner Portable

  • Safer Browsing:

Websites and advertisers track the behavior online using cookies that stay on the PC. It can erase the cookies and browser search history, so any internet browsing the users do remains private, and the identity of yours stays anonymous.

  • Faster PC:

Is the PC running slow? As it gets older, it saves unused settings and files which occupy hard disk space making it slower. CCleaner can clean up such files and makes your system faster right away.Do Free SSC Service Utility Download

  • Quicker Startup:

A lot of tools run silently in the background when you start up the PC. The CCleaner app can assist you in getting to work or play faster by allowing you to disable not required tools.

  • Fewer Crashes And Errors:

Over time the registry can become messy with broken settings and errors which direct to crashes. The patented registry cleaner of CCleaner can clear out such clutter for making the computer more stable.

CCleaner Portable Can Clean The Following:

You can use CCleaner for cleaning:

  • Chrome: Internet History and Cache, Last download location, Download history, and more.
  • Firefox: Cookies, Internet Cache, Saved form information, Internet history, and more.
  • Opera: History, Cache, saved passwords, sessions, and more.
  • Internet Explorer: Temporary Internet files, cookies, history, recently typed URLs, index.dat files, and more.
  • Advanced Cleaning: Old pre-fetch data, Windows event logs, tray notifications cache, menu order cache, environment path, and much more.
  • Windows: Empty Recycle Bin, temp files, clipboard, shortcuts, windows log files, and more.
  • Windows Explorer: Run (in Start Menu), Recent docs, thumbnail cache, Other Explorer MRUs, network passwords, and taskbar jump lists.

As mentioned earlier, it is the portable version of this fantastic tool that doesn’t need installation.

Command-Line Options Of CCleaner:

The following command-line options are available by the CCleaner portable:

  • /AUTO – Appends /AUTO in the command line.
  • /DEBUG – Appends /DEBUG in the program’s command line.
  • /FORCE – Starts the app even when there’re fatal errors.
  • /UNREG – Unregisters the component of the program and removes registry entries.
  • /REG – Registers component of the tool and writes settings in your registry.
  • /DBG – Shows the program debug window.
  • /NOIC – Skip the installation check of the app.
  • When utilizing /UNREG, the app skips the installation check of the tool.


In summary, CCleaner portable is capable of cleaning the PC of unused entries from browsers, junk files, and 3rd-party software and system files. It can really keep the PC fit and save you the time you’d spend decluttering everything manually.

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