Auto Keyboard Presser Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The auto keyboard presser is an app that can simulate the key pressing automatically on the keyboard as many times as required. This virtual keyboard can control the keys on the keyboard, so you do not need to hit a key or key combination yourself each time you require it. It allows you to control the delay between every tap and series of taps, as well as set the number, making it an extremely helpful app for gamers who get really overwhelmed with having to hit a lot of keys rapidly. Among its numerous features, you can control the time between every block of key hits. Once you set all such parameters, you simply need to let the tool run in the background, and the virtual keyboard will do the typing work for you without affecting the PC’s performance. The users won’t even notice it is there.

Features :

  • Store a limitless amount of key hits
  • Automatically record and playback all the key hits
  • Capable of setting up how frequently to repeat the key hit
  • Also capable of setting up timing between every keypress
  • Can memorize the set hotkeys
  • Completely hotkey compatible
  • The capability of saving and loading scripts
  • Also has the capability of utilizing the edit script feature which permits even more versatile functionality
  • The capability of capturing keys that are held down
  • The capability of going as low as ten milliseconds between every key hit

Easily Record & Play Precise Key Presses In A Loop :

This tool is fairly easy to understand in its technique of functioning, needing you first to choose the Start/Stop hotkey, which allows the users to start recording the keystrokes and save them to the memory of the app. Similarly, you’ll have to select a Play hotkey for delivering the captured movements; the accessible buttons are the F1-F12 buttons as well as Numpad 0-9.Do Samfirm Download

Auto Keyboard Presser

Also, you can set the recording for running in a loop or for a chosen number of times, until you stop it, permitting a break of numerous milliseconds between hits. However, the program doesn’t support making and storing several tasks, to be utilized in diverse situations, nor does it allow the users to schedule the running at certain times of the day, for example.Try 4K Video Downloader

Installation Isn’t Needed :

After downloading the tool, you can extract it and easily open the executable, as the app functions correctly without installation on a host system. As such, you can simply take this utility with you at school, at your office, or at home, working with the tool for however long you require, then get rid of it without leaving any trace on your computer.

How Does It Really Work ?

It’s extremely easy to use this application. You have to follow a simple procedure.

  • You have to choose the Start/Stop key.
  • Click set.
  • The next thing is to select the Play & hit Set.
  • Now press chosen Start/Stop key.
  • Do key presses of your preference.
  • Hit the chosen Start/Stop key for stopping.
  • Press selected Play hotkey for the playing purpose.


In a nutshell, the auto keyboard presser download is handy and straightforward to utilize app that can spare you of the task of doing repetitive actions on the PC, allowing you to run the automated key pressing process in a loop.

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