Asus Share Link Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The Asus share link is an app that allows the users to exchange docs between computers and smartphones. It provides you with an opportunity to share your content between the computer and any Android device. This doc’s exchange app offers the users with a chance to carry out all these by simply clicking on Receive record or Send record, regardless of whether the users are not linked with the Internet. You can use the tool for exchanging and offering interactive media records, apps, and archives consistently and rapidly. By clicking Receive record or Send document, you can send your data—duplicate info from the Android tablet and cell phone to the computer or the other way around. The instrument can really work with music, recordings, archives, pictures, apps, and also diverse types of docs and works with a broad range of cell phones. It can really work locally, so it does not need the Internet association.

Features Of The Asus Share Link App:

  • Work Fast:

The work process is extremely fast and finishes the work with simple clicks. The tool manually makes the automatic restore point throughout the driver’s installation. Also, your drivers are installed automatically by ASUS.

  • Share Any Sort Of Content:

The application can assist the users in sharing any sort of content, for example, videos, photos, installed applications, and text messages. The auto-sync allows you to save and sync files through the account. Choose utilize Wi-Fi only option to upload videos and photos to save the mobile data.

Asus Share Link

  • Virus Free:

One hundred percent virus free app; if you face some problem, then it might be toolbars or the system modifications.

  • Group Transferring:

The objective of developing the application is for facilitating you to share their data on a huge scale. The application can support any-to-any transmit with a group of numerous devices at a time.

  • Compatible With Windows:

With different compatibility with all kinds of devices, the emulator has exceptional compatibility with all kind of Windows versions, Win 10, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 7, Win Vista, and Win XP are mainly OSs for running this tool very reliably and smoothly. Also, it needs x32 and x64 setup.

Installation & Usage:

Windows installer of the Asus share link download has the small pack that’s a little larger than twenty MB. It allows the users to very quickly install it on the computer without taking a lot of storage resources. The installation process is straightforward and quick, needing from you just to follow simple on-screen directions. Once done, your computer side of application management is done. But to be capable of sharing files between Android devices and computers, you’ll need to make sure 2 added things, that the android tablet or phone also has the Android version of Share Link installed, and that both of the devices are linked to the similar Wi-Fi.

On firing up both your computer and Android application, you’ll be welcomed with the simple green user interface that features a limited number of programs. Essentially you’ll have access just to 2 buttons; one button will be used for sending files and the other one for receiving the data. The tool doesn’t support any secondary features or added transfer options. It’s completely focused just on allowing easy file transfer features reliably, wirelessly, and quickly.

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