AOTTG Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Just from the game that’s accessible on the user interface, it’s a game that permits the users to have an opportunity to see and feel what it’s to have a battle in the airspace. It comes with the electric high flying cable, which is the major number in the whole game. As you progress, you need to check the movement of that cable, which can act as a major part of the movement. AOTTG is a funny and exciting app. Although it’s still in the initial stages, it’s early to describe and say about the performance until it’s actually rolled out.

It features a touch of integrity and class when it comes to handling this kind of game. The key characters are the titans who are combating with the chibi in a way in which you need to make use of a little wisdom for moving; it’s the correct direction to acquire the best out of this game. You’ll have a window that’ll specify the scores according to your performance. It’s an easy game that comes in really handy for all. The work of yours is to actually check on the feeble point to make sure your victory against your adversaries.

AOTTG Features Fast & Soaring Combat:

The combat mechanics of this game are pretty go-getting for the fan-game. The people acquainted with the show acquaint that the battle is performed with intricate equipment known as the 3D Maneuver Gear. It basically permits the combatants to swing & soar around the battleground in the Spiderman-esque manner. You can run one of any sides of the rig at the same time, permitting for some dangerous acrobatics for the ones with an excellent grasp of all the controls.


The Gear-based Maneuver battle feels unique and fun. Getting to fly around the roofs of your town while eliminating the towering Titans is the adrenaline-high; it does excellent in capturing the battle feel in the anime; despite its cartoony visuals, you can really get the sense of what it may feel like to get into the world of anime.

A Promising Homage That Misses The Mark:

Despite a few definite optimistic aspects, the fans of AOTTG are probably secure to pass on the Fenglee’s Attack on Titan. You can easily find better free substitutes online. Though you can certainly give it a try for its nostalgia aspect, it is significant to note that this app has not received updates for numerous years, and just a few players and servers remain.


  • Makes use of the levels and worlds that fans like
  • Features a lot of characters from the manga
  • Beautiful facial details and backgrounds
  • Created as a homage or tribute to the original series


  • Lack of details on the majority of characters
  • Frustrating and at times maddening Gameplay
  • The camera will at times move on its own
  • No support accessible from the developer/designer

The AOTTG download is part of the arcade category. It is actually licensed as the shareware program for the Win x32 and x64 platforms and can be utilized as a free trial until it’ll end. This game demo is accessible for all the users freely with potential limitations compared with the complete version.

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