Andy Android Emulator Download Free For Windows 7, 10, 8 (32 & 64 Bit)

Andy is one of the best Android emulators that allow users to download, install, and utilize hundreds of thousands of applications exclusive to Android on the Windows computer, all without requiring setting up a virtual machine or getting through a difficult setup procedure. Simply install and start utilizing it. The Andy app is extremely intuitive: using your mouse cursor as you’d do using your finger, even scrolling your mouse wheel when you would generally swipe down with the fingertip. In simple words, you won’t have any issues at all when you get behind the controls of the emulator.

The compatibility of the Andy application is truly spectacular. People can install this emulator and play any game virtually with no issue, such as The Sims, Clash of Clans, Plants Vs. Zombies 2, and Fruit Ninja, to name just a few. That said, maybe the best thing is that Andy also allows you to utilize IM tools such as WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp. All you need to do to use them is to recognize yourself with the phone number, and then you can begin utilizing WhatsApp on Windows PC.Get Directx 12

The Andy is one of the wonderful Android emulator apps, reminiscent in numerous ways of the also exceptional Bluestacks but with a few extra improvements. When all being said and done, an extremely suitable way to utilize any phone application on the usual computer.Get Better Ds3

Andy Android Emulator

Highlights And Features Of Andy :

  • Connects Mac/Windows with Android applications for opening, pushing notifications & storage
  • Offers seamless sync between mobile device and desktop
  • Guarantees the most updated Android operating system at all times
  • Enables application download from the desktop browser direct to the Andy operating system
  • Brings your favorite entertainment and communication mobile applications to your desktop system


Is Andy Simple To Utilize ?

The Andy operating system is not quite as easy to utilize as the Bluestacks, in the sense that it needs a little more setting up. That being said, it is still extremely simple. The Andy operating system runs through virtual machine Virtual Box, which comes packaged with the installer. Once you have downloaded and installed the Andy Android emulator, you just run the Andy app and go through your Android configuration options as you’d on a first-run of a standard mobile phone. We faced the occasional hitch when running the Andy app, although overall it works quite smoothly.


The Andy operating system is awesome for power users because players can customize it in numerous ways. For starters, you can modify the way it works in the VM, assigning more Random Access Memory, for instance, to make it work faster. But you can also root your Android OS through the operating system of this app, permitting the player more customization within the operating system itself. If you desire to install custom ROMs or change to a diverse launcher, you can.

The Best Method For Getting Android On The Desktop:

The operating system of the Andy android emulator is pretty easy to set up. It is highly customizable and provides you a full Android experience. If you simply desire to play well-liked casual games or run simple programs, Bluestacks is a more stress-free solution. But if you wish to emulate the Android on Windows system appropriately, then call on the Andy android emulator.

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