Adobe Acrobat Pro Download Free For Windows

PDF file reader has become an essential tool for everyone due to the continuous advancement in publication of E-books and articles, in softcopies. Therefore installing a pdf reader is their first priority in order to keep enjoying their books, articles and other files.Adobe Readers have proven to be one of the most useful software which can not only be used for reading but also as an editor, creating and modifying articles, books and essays etc. One of these PDF viewer apps is the Adobe Acrobat PRO Download.Download more softwares From Softwarestoic

It has turned out to be one of the most reliable and useful Pdf readers. It is a versatile App which has multiple purposes not only can it be used in accordance with the windows built in Microsoft office software, but also it can be used as a reader file to open documents, not only in a professional environment but also for general reading.Do Microsoft Office Starter Free Download

Adobe Acrobat Pro Download

  1. It is free of cost;

The adobe acrobat pro pdf file reader is free and available for download online on the official Adobe softwares website.

  1. Easily available for download

Software’s website has the Adobe Acrobat Pro PDF software easily available for download and is free, where in contrast other pdf reader softwares are expensive and not as diverse as the Adobe Acrobat Pro Software.Get Baidu Browser Download .

Adobe Acrobat Pro Download

  1. Time saving
  2. Opens all types of softwares and also helps to edit them
  3. Acrobat Has inbuilt OCR technology
  4. Available on all windows devices and windows versions


It has a lot of features the make it different form regular pdf readers, such as:

  1. Built in OCR (optical character recognition) Adobe acrobat’s optical character recognition is the mechanical or electronic conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text, whether from a scanned document, a photo of a document, a scene-photo or from subtitle text superimposed on an image.This pdf reader has an inbuilt OCR software which can be used for the above purposes.
  2. Acrobat Contains the password protect function. Often pdf readers are home to our personal informationsuch as, Bank statements, pay slips, utility bills and invoices.By using the password protect function we can stop others from editing or making changes in our pdf files.
  3. It has the Adobe cloud software. The Adobe Acrobat Cloud backs up our data to Adobe’s cloud and keeps it safe even if we lose our device. It can also be opened on other devices such as, mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc., other than PC’s which makes it even more versatile and provides us with ease of access along with premium protection, so as to keep our data accessible and safe.
  4. Adobe Acrobat’s Others new features include,
  • Easy access to tools you use most with the customizable Quick Tools area.
  • Convert PDF files to Windows Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint formats.
  • Use improved OCR (optical character recognition), with up to 50% smaller files and greater image fidelity.
  • Create PDF files with a single click from within the most popular Windows 2010 applications.
  • Remove hidden content, such as metadata, with a single click using the Sanitize Document tool.
  • Unify a range of content in a customized PDF Port­folio with new layouts, themes, and color palettes.
  • Acrobat permanently delete sensitive information, including specific text or illustrations, with redaction tools.
  • It also supports languages other than English, which again makes it even more versatile for all types of users from most parts of the world and helps them to read pdf
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro pdf reader also helps you to create pdf files and save them.

More Benefits Of Adobe Acrobat

Adobe tries to keep their softwares updated always have their license under check to provide with the best possible user interface and all of this is free, which makes it an even more reliable application.

From a professional point of view, the Adobe Acrobat can be used to alter and modify articles as it carries an article editing feature in it. Furthermore, you can scan paper documents and forms to Adobe PDF and get smart files that are easy to search, share, and store.

Thus due to increase in the usage of e-books and soft copies of articles and their popularity, you should always have a pdf reader along with you and therefore Adobe Acrobat Pro pdf reader is the best one to download as it is free and compatible with all windows, with its easy access and use features always available for use at any time and place. So go ahead and download it for free on your windows device and enjoy its features.  I will highly recommend you to install Adobe Acrobat in your devices.

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