AdbFire Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The AdbFire is an add-on app for all the gadgets running the Android Kodi. It comprises drivers to allow USB and Wifi connection with your phone. This application is a sidekick tool for your Android Kodi/XBMC, Amazon Fire TV, and forks. The envelope has this program and its utilities. Leave the organizer and substance of it in place; do not move anything out of your envelope. You can break this tool by changing or moving its substance. You can copy the Kodi setups on new devices and even edit the configuration XML files. You can also manage the devices through the USB or IP address. With the help of AdbLink, we can without much of the stretch bring in Kodi with a solitary tick on diverse gadgets such as Chromecast, FireStick, and so forth. Not only the establishment, it even allows us to handle numerous gadgets with a single computer. All we need is to make the underlying link at first. When it is set, each other thing is really easy.

Features Of The AdbFire:

The AdbFire download supports the following features:

  • Custom cache support for the Kodi video
  • Complete Kodi support
  • Mount the USB sticks/drives
  • Root your Amazon fire TV
  • Mount the USB sticks/drives by label or UUID
  • Mount formats vfat, exFAT, ext*, NTFS, and hfs
  • USB mode for your fire TV stick
  • Install the ClockworkMod recovery
  • Mount NFS/CIFS shares at boot or ad hoc
  • Manage several fire TV devices

Allows The Users To Make Backups For The Kodi Data:

As you almost certainly already hinted, making backups for the Kodi data has to access the Button with the similar name. It’s worth stating that it’s suggested that you run the Kodi one time as a minimum before you can utilize the function, as the tool can’t make backups of the empty directories. Simultaneously, if you’re running other applications other than the Kodi, you might need to change its package name and its file path. In addition to the backups, you can install apps on the device without requiring getting through the problem of installing your Android SDK. The other notable features of the AdbFire utility comprise screenshot, erasing, console, restore, splash screen, open SFTP, view, or remote log, just to mention a few.


What Is New?

The AdbFire app comes with the following improvements:

  • Edit validation routines appended for device address, description, file path, and package-name.
  • Auto-connect switched off, no auto-connect at the startup, or other routines.
  • Cache writes to the advancedsettings.xml transferred to the standalone dialog XBMC preset eradicated from the device setup.
  • New field root path appended to the device record. Tracks where the Kodi data is installed. e.g., /storage/sdcard1/, and/sdcard/, etc.
  • Cache buttons and Splash Screen appended to the main window
  • Main Window set to the fixed size.
  • Root and standard function buttons moved into the separate groups

The Update Instructions Of This Tool:

Step#1: Updating the AdbFire is very simple. When you open this app you’ll see a notification, simply click yes.

Step#2: Download the .zip file for the newest version and extract that file. Lastly, from the last version’s folder, simply copy the .db file and copy it into your extracted folder for the newer version.

It can really restore the devices database, and you won’t need to re-add the Fire TVs from scratch. You might now remove the last version of this tool and begin utilizing the latest version.

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