7 Taskbar Tweaker Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

The 7 Taskbar Tweaker is an easy program that permits the users to customize the toolbar of their Windows system (any version) in diverse ways. It comes with an intuitive and clean user interface with all the fantastic features accessible within reach. The program provides the users with an option to either switch off the feature that groups different items on the Win taskbar or the one only for the pinned items. It permits the users to make new shortcuts from the easy clicking. For instance, if a user double-clicks or middle-clicks on the vacant space in the taskbar, he’ll be transferred to his desktop or show the Alt + Ctrl + Tab screen, open the Task Manager, switch the speakers on/off, and so on.

You can also make a new tool instance, set focus to that app, close or minimize it by changing middle-click, make use of the standard window menu like Move, Restore, Minimize and Size in place of the lists of the jump. Though this utility isn’t difficult to work with, it does not have a help manual for guiding the novice users, which can be an issue if they stumble upon a difficult feature. In general, this program is an excellent application for tweaking the Windows system to your liking, particularly the functions of your system taskbar.

Features Of The 7 Taskbar Tweaker:

  • Group, ungroup, show, or hide label for each app ID
  • Reorder different items within the tab groups
  • Change the app ID of Windows (that’s, grouping no matter what windows you desire)
  • Minimize or close the several windows at once

7 Taskbar Tweaker

The User Interface:

The clean user interface of 7 Taskbar Tweaker presents all the functions and features at one-click, so the users can easily adjust the actions to be done through the middle, or a right-click on any Taskbar item quite simply. Plus, you can also tweak the Taskbar hovering and dropping, but also change the manner you work with pinned items or thumbnails. This fantastic application also offers access to a number of choices concerning the combining and window grouping, but also the parameters concerning your mouse wheel and double-clicks on the vacant spaces. As you can see, it is all about tweaking, so it is quite a shame that no help manual is provided. You can, however, search online for more info; it is pretty simple to locate the details on all such Windows features.

Which Registry Keys Do This Tool Modify? 

The only ones it modifies are its own settings. There’re no registry keys for the choices it offers. It does this by injecting the DLL to explorer, sub-classing/hooking/a few other ways of the dark side. As for the extra procedures, it is a native tool and is extremely lightweight. It ought to not slow down the system, and makes use of an extremely little memory. The users can also simply hide the tray icon if they desire.

The Bottom Line:

All things considered, the 7 Taskbar Tweaker download is an excellent method of expanding the Windows functionality, offering a remarkable set of features aimed at your taskbar. It also works like a charm on Win 7 and depends on an extremely easy interface.

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