10AppsManager Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Windows 10 has not just brought back the Start menu, but it has also come with a few new features, which are more of an irritation for a few people. For instance, not everybody owns an Xbox, so the integration of it is totally useless for a few individuals. That’s where the 10AppsManager download comes in. It provides you the option of removing undesired extras from your Windows 10 system, with just one click. As the name proposes, it is created particularly for Windows 10. It has a single executable file in a zip package, so you just have to extract the folder and run it, instead of going through a complete installation procedure.

10AppsManager Is A Simple To Open App :

This tool doesn’t need installation: all you have to do is unpack the zip and run the app. You can move the tool’s folder in any directory on the PC and even copy it onto your removable disc. It isn’t suggested, however, to separate the executable file from the folder, but otherwise, you can run it from any location.Do Auto Keyboard Presser Download

Delete Windows 10 Applications :

Windows 10 has a series of Store applications that people may find helpful. A few examples of such applications are Music, Weather, Maps, Money, Sports, Mail, and News. Similarly to Windows 8 and 8.1, such applications can’t be uninstalled, as other 3rdparty Store applications. You can hide them from your Windows Start menu, but they’re still utilized as default programs for opening different programs, hyperlinks, or emails. This app is an appropriate solution for deleting this feature if you find it annoying.Download Windows 7 Professional ISO


It Makes Uninstallation/Reinstallation Procedure Simple :

This app permits you to remove certain Windows 10 Store applications from the system. The list comprises Calculator, Alarms, Film and TV, Camera, Maps, Mail and Calendar, Music, Money, People, News, Solitaire, Photos, Store, Sports, Weather, Voice Recorder, and Xbox. All you have to do is choose a particular application and then click Uninstall. The procedure is fast, and the tool can notify you of the success. You can restore any of the applications just as simply: choose the app you want to reinstall and click the correct button. Your system may need a restart, but generally, the effects can be observed right away.

Uninstall/Reinstall Windows 10 Preinstalled Applications :

  • First of all, download this tool from the link given.
  • Then, extract the contents of the downloaded file and store the folder in the Program Folder > pin the execution file’s shortcut to the Start Menu. Don’t separate the contents of the folder. It doesn’t need an install.
  • Next, make a system restore point.
  • Run the .exe file for opening the program’s user interface. The program will let you uninstall the following preinstalled Store applications: Alarms, 3D Builder, Camera, Calculator, Get Office, Food, Get Skype, Health, Messaging, Maps, Skype, Money, News, Music, People, OneNote, Phone Companion, Phone, Reader, Photos, Scan, Reading List, Sports, Solitaire, Sway, Store, Travel, Weather, and Xbox.
  • Choose the application you desire to uninstall > click on it.
  • For reinstalling the applications, simply click on Reinstall.
  • For uninstalling this tool, just remove the program folder.

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